Am I Eligible?

Am I Eligible? FAQs

I'm self-employed, could I get vehicle finance?

Yes, but you will have to supply your last three months’ bank statements which prove your income. We cannot finance self-employed people if they do not bank their income. Find out more about van finance here.

Can I apply if I’m in the Armed Forces?

Yes, absolutely.

What if I have bad credit?

We cannot finance people in current financial difficulty, however, we will look at financing people who have past credit issues.

If you've had difficulty with obtaining credit in the past (this may be because of missed payments, being self-employed or a lack a credit history) then we may be able to help. When you apply we will have a conversation with you to understand your situation and why you’re classed as having ‘bad credit’.

Unlike most finance companies we don’t always use automated systems, this means most of the time we are able to talk to you to take personal situations into account and it is possible that we’re more likely to be able to help you.

As a responsible finance lender it is very important to us that we only lend to customers that we believe can repay without financial stress. If you are worried about whether finance is right for you we advise you source independent advice from either:

Money Advice Service

Citizens Advice

Do I need to be employed?

No not necessarily, but you do need to have a regular income as we will only lend to you if you can afford to pay it back over the period of time we agree. Please be aware that we will ask for evidence to support your application.

What if I’m already in debt?

Your current loans and credit commitments will be taken into consideration when we're making our decision and we’ll then discuss with you what would be a sensible level of additional commitment that won’t over stretch you during the term of the loan.

If you have any questions regarding finance products, debt or budgeting you can source independent advice from either of the services below.

Money Advice Service

Citizens Advice

What do I need to get a loan from First Response?

  • You need to be living in the UK and have a UK bank account
  • You must be over 18 years old (21 if purchasing a motorbike)
  • You need to be able to repay us by Direct Debit on the same date each week or month

Can I get a loan if I am not a homeowner?

Yes, most of our customers do not own their own home and the finance is secured against the vehicle.

Do I need a bank account?

Yes, a current UK bank account is required to take a Direct Debit from your account.

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