Application Process

Our Careers First Process

Once you have decided that our Work Experience programme is what you want to do then you'll need to ensure you're happy with the process below.

  1. Make sure you meet the requirements and you're prepared to put your all into the week!

    You will need to be free between the 16th - 20th July and you keep them free during the recruitment process!

  2. Make sure you're happy with our process!
    Read this page carefully! It details the next stages and how long the process will take.

  3. Apply through college

  4. We'll review your application
    Time to receive this: Up to 1 week
  1. Initial Application Decision
    If you are successful you will receive a confirmation email to tell you that you have been successful at this stage.

    Time to receive this: Up to 1 week
  1. Skype Interviews

    Once our application window has closed, you will be contacted by a member of our recruitment team by email to set up a Skype interview with one of our Early Careers Mentors.

    Skype interview set up: All our Skype interviews will take place at the end of June. It may take us up to 1 week after the closing date for the applications for us to contact you to arrange a Skype interview. Don’t worry we won’t have forgotten about you!

    These interviews are nothing to worry about! They allow us to get to know each other a bit better and for us to understand exactly why you want to do the programme.  It’s important that before this you have a good think about why you want to do the programme and what you are thinking about for your future.

  1. Decision time!
    You will be notified the week after your Skype interview if you have been successful in securing your place on the Careers First Programme. One of our Early Careers Team will be in touch to let you know the next steps after this…. we can’t wait to help you start your future!

Have we got you interested in what your future might hold? Take a look at our Early Careers page for more information and videos, to help you make the right decision for your future.

You can also download information about all our programmes from this site too – look out for the "download" buttons on the webpages.