The most reliable used cars

Buying a car is the second largest investment that most people will make, so it’s important that the car you choose is dependable. Check out this blog to find out which makes and models you can rely on!

The most reliable used cars

The UK's top six most reliable used cars

Buying a used car doesn't mean that you lose the benefit of driving off a dealership's forecourt in a problem-free, dependable vehicle. But, we have to acknowledge that some makes and models are more reliable than others!

Toyota Yaris

Key features 

  • Surprisingly spacious ✅
  • Cheap replacement parts ✅
  • Ideal for small families ✅

Toyota is known for its high build quality across the globe and almost all Toyota produced vehicles are backed with strong reliability scores. You can also have peace of mind knowing that parts for the Toyota Yaris are relatively cheap.

The Toyota Yaris is perfect for small families, with most variants coming with five doors. They're surprisingly spacious with a boot big enough to fit the weekly shopping in or a pushchair (and more) for family days out. 

Because of its reliability, spaciousness, low running costs, and safety features, EuroNCAP scores the Toyota Yaris five stars! 

Mazda 2

Key features

  • Great storage space in the cabin ✅
  • Sporty, modern interior and exterior ✅

No matter which model you choose in the Mazda 2 range, it'll be difficult to be disappointed as they are one of the most reliable cars available in the used car market. 

The Mazda 2 proves that you don’t need to compromise on visuals to be sensible either. The driving experience is very similar to the Ford Fiesta, with comfortable seating and a reduced vehicle weight (compared to previous models) making it pleasurable to drive. However, the Mazda 2 does come with a drawback of a slightly awkward shaped boot, but it does meet the needs of most.

Skoda Octavia

Key features 

  • Large boot space ✅
  • Great value for money ✅
  • Top owner satisfaction surveys ✅

The Skoda Octavia is a fantastic all-rounder; it's well-built, reliable, and enjoyable to
drive with the spacious amount of head and leg room giving an additional sense of comfort.

The Skoda Octavia has a wide boot opening which makes loading and unloading stress-free; the 585 litre capacity of its boot is unheard of for a car of this size. The surprises don’t end with the boot space either as alloys, aircon, DAB, and Bluetooth all come as standard in the 2013 model!

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KIA Ceed

Key features 

  • Modern and sporty looks ✅
  • Low insurance and running costs ✅

The KIA Ceed is a money savers dream. The 1.6-litre 126bhp claims an incredible 76MPG, helping you tackle rising fuel costs. Not only that, but some variants are in group six insurance (out of 50); one of the cheapest insurance brackets to be in.

Cruise control and rear parking sensors come as standard, and the modern and sporty exterior make for a great driving experience.

Renault Clio

Key features 

  • Comfortable, with great handling ✅
  • Stylish interior with plenty of tech ✅

The new shape Renault Clio (2013 onwards) is bigger and better looking than previous iterations with touchscreen sat nav, ECO mode, automatic wipers, automatic lights, and push to start.

The interior of the Renault Clio is heads and shoulders above counterparts of the same age and price range, and the boot space is amongst the best in its class at 300 litres, however it’s worth knowing that the shape of the boot can prevent very bulky items going in with ease.

Don’t be fooled by the small 0.9 TCe turbo engine – Renault ensured that plenty of juice could be squeezed out of this little engine.

Honda Jazz

Key features 

  • Large boot space ✅
  • Modern redesign ✅

From 2007, the Honda Jazz has taken a sleeker, modern, almost Honda Civic-like look. The Honda Jazz is undoubtedly one of the most reliable cars in the last decade, and it’s also very practical.

The boot of this car holds a huge 379 litres (2011-2015) which is bigger than some SUVs. However, the Honda Jazz’s interior is not as spacious as you might think; getting three people in the back seats would be a struggle, but two would be comfortable. 

The Honda Jazz may not be the most exciting car you'll ever drive, but it will probably be the most reliable.


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