How we helped Ryan get on the road

Check out this blog to find out all about Ryan's journey to getting his new car on the road, with the help of First Response Finance.

How we helped Ryan get on the road

Ryan's journey

Ryan lives in Birmingham with his partner and three children, and works for Birmingham City Council as a Support Worker for a Homeless Centre. When he's not working, Ryan enjoys spending time outside; fishing, gardening, and taking his dogs for walks.

Why did you want/need a new car?

I needed a new car as my last one was written off and I'd struggle to get to work if I didn't replace it (soon).

How did you find out about First Response Finance?

I found out about First Response Finance through the dealership I wanted to buy a car from.

Why did you choose to buy your car through First Response Finance?

I chose to buy my car through First Response Finance as you can pick the duration you pay your vehicle finance off over, and the repayments are fair and affordable.

How did you find the application process and service you received from First Response Finance?

The application process was straightforward and the service I've received so far has been brilliant. I had an issue with the car at first, but First Response Finance was there to talk me through the options available.

Would you recommend First Response Finance to your friends and family?

I would recommend First Response Finance to friends and family as it's a straightforward process and they're there for you when you need them.

Did you know… 98% of customers would recommend us to their friends and family members? 💚


As a 'thank you' for sharing his story, we sent Ryan a £50 Amazon eGift voucher.

Customer journey | 13.03.24

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