How we helped Darren get on the road

Check out this blog to find out all about Darren's journey to getting his new car on the road, with the help of First Response Finance.

How we helped Darren get on the road

Darren's journey

Darren is a 54-year-old driver for a private education company, who lives in Stoke-on-Trent with his wife and son. When he's not working, Darren enjoys swimming and athletics, listening to music, going to the cinema to watch the latest films, and watching Formula 1 motor racing on the TV.

Why did you want/need a new car?

I needed a new car because my last car was costing me too much money to keep on the road.

How did you find out about First Response Finance?

I first heard about First Response Finance from a car dealer who works with them - they told me what a great company they are to get vehicle finance through!

Why did you choose to buy your car through First Response Finance?

I chose to buy my car through First Response Finance because, after doing some research, I found them to be fair as they didn't make a decision on my approval based on just my credit score or payment history; they took the time to speak to me, taking into account everything that I told them, so they could fully understand my circumstances before saying "yes".

Did you know… because of all the great reviews our customers have wrote about us, we're ranked the UK's number one motor finance lender on Review Centre? 🏆

How did you find the application process and service you received from First Response Finance?

The application process was very straightforward and simple to complete, and the service that I've received from First Response Finance is second to none!

Would you recommend First Response Finance to your friends and family?

I would highly recommend First Response Finance to my friends and family because of the fairness and reliability of the company, as well as the first-class service that you receive.


As a 'thank you' for sharing his story, we sent Darren a £50 Amazon eGift voucher.

Customer journey | 19.01.24

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