How we helped Blake get on the road

Check out this blog to find out all about Blake's journey to getting his Jaguar XF 3.0 Luxury V6 on the road, with the help of First Response Finance.

How we helped Blake get on the road

Blake's journey

As a company that strives for continual improvement in our systems and processes, we often turn to our customers to get an insight into First Response Finance from their perspective.

We contacted Blake to get an understanding of her experience of buying a Jaguar XF 3.0 Luxury V6 through us - here's how the conversation went...

"My name's Blake, I live with my partner and I’m a father of two from Essex - I’ve lived here for about 12 years. I’ve worked as a Chef for eleven years, working most sections from pastry to meat and fish (and so on). I currently work in the care sector, but still in catering, where I have been for the last two and a bit years, and where I plan on remaining. My main hobbies are enjoying time with my children and driving my car."

Why did you want/need a new car?

I decided to buy a new car after owning a troublesome Alfa Romeo GT - after spending a lot of money on it, I decided enough was enough.

How did you find out about First Response Finance?

I applied for vehicle finance online after being told that First Response Finance can craft finance to suit, by a car dealership that I visited.

How did you find the application process and service you received?

I originally bought a BMW 3 Series through First Response Finance. I had it for six months and then thought "I want something new", so I called up the Renewals team who went through a ten minute application with me, and I had a decision on my approval instantly. 

Did you know... you can apply to change your vehicle at any point during your finance agreement?

Once I'd been given my credit limit, the hardest thing was finding a car; I originally had my heart set on a SUV which soon changed when I started looking at Jaguars (I remember when I was young, I used to see them and instantly like them). I test drove a Jaguar XF 2.7 and I really liked it but I wanted to hold out buying a car until I found a Jaguar XF 3.0 (Luxury V6), which I now own thanks to First Response Finance.

Would you recommend First Response Finance to your friends and family?

I would strongly recommend anyone looking for a new car on finance to use First Response Finance - they have helped me with questions and recommended local dealerships to me. It’s a super simple and easy application process.

I’ll continue to use them because they've helped me get the car I wanted and customer service is 100%!


Check out this blog to find out what makes First Response Finance a winner for customers, like Blake, looking to get a used vehicle on finance. 👈


As a 'thank you' for sharing his story, we sent Blake a £50 Amazon eGift voucher.

Customer journey | 04.05.22

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