First Response Finance prioritises employee well-being in office refurbishment

First Response Finance believes that everything starts with their own people. Find out how they've put the wants and needs of their employees first when refurbing their offices.

First Response Finance prioritises employee well-being in office refurbishment

UK car finance and loan company First Response Finance has announced the makeover of three of its office buildings in a bid to enhance staff well-being and retention.

Departments in Glasgow, Leigh, and Nottingham have each been updated with a modern and more relaxing concept. Meeting rooms have been removed and replaced with pods to open conversations and breakouts as opposed to traditional corporate meeting spaces. There are also various lounge areas, bookshelves, TV rooms, and a fully kitted kitchen to help over 100 staff relax and unwind.

Jonathan Such, Head of Sales at First Response Finance, said: "Our overall goal for the office refurbishment, not too different from Google or Virgin's thought process, is that calm and relaxed employees work better.

"It's an idea that has led to all First Response Finance offices having a 'wear what you feel comfortable in' dress code, with the opportunity to have an occasional stress-relieving massage!"

For over a decade, First Response Finance has consistently ranked within The Sunday Times 'Top 100 Companies to Work For in the UK'.

Such continues: "Entering The Sunday Times’ yearly ranking is a way to find out what we're doing right and what we need to improve on. These enhancements are then made year on year to try and make us the best company we can possibly be."

The Glasgow office in particular features quirky concepts including large noughts and crosses, oars for the Glasgow riverside, a red phone box, and brand-new furniture.

Joanne Cook, Team Leader at First Response Finance, comments: "I'm so impressed and delighted with our new office environment. I think I've almost managed to utilise all of the new spaces we now have, whether it be in the meeting pods, conference calls on the sofas, or eating lunch at the breakfast bar.

"When people make comments like 'Can I move in?' or 'Can I get a job?', it cements even further that you are working for a truly unique and caring company."

Press releases | 19.09.22

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