Car finance expert reveals UK cities with cheapest fuel prices

Check out this blog to find out which UK cities have the lowest fuel prices - helping you to get more fuel for your money!

Car finance expert reveals UK cities with cheapest fuel prices

With the price of petrol rising in the past few weeks, the current cost-of-living crisis is having an impact on the finances of motorists all across the country.

However, there are specific cities around the UK where filling up your tank is gentler on your pockets. Are you lucky enough to live in an area offering more affordable fuel bills?

Jonathan Such, Head of Sales at vehicle finance company First Response Finance, has crunched the numbers to reveal the nation's locations with the cheapest petrol prices.

Top 10 UK cities with the cheapest fuel costs:

  1. Belfast – 137.74p per litre
  2. Birmingham – 140.88p per litre
  3. Leeds – 141.55p per litre
  4. Manchester – 142.12p per litre
  5. Liverpool – 142.20p per litre
  6. Bath – 142.73p per litre
  7. Bristol – 143.23p per litre
  8. Cardiff – 143.28p per litre
  9. Glasgow – 143.59p per litre
  10. Inverness – 143.86p per litre

Cheapest petrol costs in the UK

When it comes to the cheapest place in the UK to juice up your motor, Belfast takes the top spot by some distance.

Such said: "As the country deals with the challenges of soaring bills and expenses, we've sifted through branded petrol stations, supermarkets, and service stations on to map out the UK cities with the most budget-friendly fuel costs.

"Based on our findings, the capital city of Northern Ireland is the cheapest location for a refill, with petrol costs in Belfast averaging a reasonable 137.74p per litre. That's by far the best deal you can hope to get throughout the UK.

"In fact, there is a significant 3.14p per litre difference with petrol bills in Birmingham, which instead sits in second place with an average fuel price of 140.88p."

The city of Leeds clinches the bronze medal, completing the podium with an average petrol cost of 141.55p, followed closely – and perhaps surprisingly – by Manchester (142.12p per litre) in fourth place.

The capital city of Wales features in the top-ten list, too. Drivers cruising around the Cardiff area can expect to pay about 143.28p per litre when filling up their car – which, according to the data, is the eighth most pocket-friendly price in the country.

And what about petrol costs north of the English border? Scotland brings both Glasgow (143.59p per litre) and Inverness (143.86p per litre) to the top-ten table, with the two Scottish cities parked in ninth and tenth position, respectively.


So, what's the situation like in your city? If you're planning an affordable road trip across the country, keep this list in mind to save precious pounds on the road.

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