Hire Purchase Process

How we process vehicle finance

This page is designed to give you more information on the First Response Finance Hire Purchase process. This page applies to all HP agreements, whether it’s car finance, van finance, or motorbike finance.

Please be aware: this is a top level process and you could be declined at any point if we believe the finance will cause further detriment to you.

Step 1

Apply using our simple online application form

Step 2

We will conduct a credit search so we have as much information as possible about your application

Step 3

If we believe we'll be able to help you we will manually/automatically review your credit file. This will be either be:

Traditional route:
We will text you to ask for a convenient time to call you

Online route:
We will ask you to create an online account

Step 4

Traditional route:
One of our underwriters will call you at the time you have requested in order to discuss your application. You will be quoted and informed of the maximum credit limit that we can lend to you (if we believe it is right to lend to you)

Online route:
You will be asked to confirm your details and choose the best payments for you

Step 5

Once you have told us about the vehicle you wish to buy (and the dealership information) we will:

Traditional route:
Send out all documents for you to print, read, sign and send back to us via email or fax

Online route:
Provide the documents for you to read and sign online

It is important that you are happy with your monthly repayments and vehicle at this point as the contract you sign is legally binding

Step 6

We may ask for documentation along with proofs (for example, bank statements or payslips)

Traditional route:
Please send via email for us to check

Online route:
Please upload online for us to check

Step 7

If approved we will send the dealership the money for the car and once they receive it (usually within the hour) you can drive away

Step 8

A copy of all legal documentation and our contact details will be sent to you by post in case you need to refer back to them

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