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Car Finance

Why choose First Response for your Car loan?

We may not be the biggest in the car finance market but we aim to be the best. We have been offering car finance for over 16 years now and have been voted number 1 for our car finance product by motor dealers for the last two years. We are putting all of our efforts into achieving the top spot for the third year running!

When applying with First Response Finance you can be sure that you are at the heart of everything we do, this is why more than 30% of our monthly business is from returning customers.

We have been working on our finance process to simplify the customer journey for the last few years; our service is ever evolving and improving.

Car finance process

1. Apply Online

Our simple application form just requires personal, address and employment details. If you have already found a car you can also add the details at this point. Click here to apply!

2. Discussion & Quote

If we decide to take your application we will contact you to discuss your needs, for example; loan amount, length of agreement, deposit and car. We do this to be a responsible lender and to ensure that we offer you the best car loan possible.

3. Sign Agreements & Drive Away

Once you have chosen the best car finance deal to suit your budget we will send you a copy of the pre-contract information for you to read at your convenience. We will also send a copy to the dealership together with the legal agreement for you to sign. Please feel free to take your time reading through the documents and make sure you are happy to proceed. We will pay the dealership as soon as we receive the signed documents and you can drive away in your new car.

If you wish to find out more about our car finance product you can click here, this page includes the Pros & Cons of purchasing a car through Hire Purchase. In addition to this you can also view the full detailed process here.

Hire Purchase agreement

The contract that we provide is a Hire Purchase (HP) agreement which is slightly different from other types of borrowing because you hire the goods and then pay in affordable monthly instalments at a fixed rate of interest; it is the most common form of purchasing when buying a used car on finance.

For a further detailed copy of our Car Loan process please click here
If you have any questions regarding finance products, debt or budgeting you can source independent advice from either Money Advice Service or Citizens Advice Bureau.