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General FAQs

What makes First Response different?

Most finance companies rely on automated, computerised decisions and, although we use them to a degree we prefer using real people. We employ people who try to understanding your circumstances to make sure that the amount you want to borrow is right for you. Everything we do is aimed at providing great customer service and, if you check out our reviews online you'll see that our customers tend to agree that we're good at it.

Is First Response linked to an accident claims company?

No. First Response Finance does not operate within the accident claims arena and is not associated with any similarly named businesses in any manner.

We have been informed by members of the public that a company using the business name ‘First Response’ is contacting them regarding accident claims, but please be assured this is a different company who with have no affiliation with.

If you are contacted and feel harassed by this company we would advise you to make a note of the number from which they have been contacted and report your concerns to the Information Commissioners Office and add your number to the Telephone Preference Service, both links are below.

ICO Website TPS Website


Is First Response linked to a shares & unclaimed Funds company?

No. First Response Finance does not operate within the shares / funds arena and is not associated with any similarly named businesses in any manner.

We have been informed that members of the public in Australia have been approached by a company informing them their late relative had been depositing funds to the value of millions (GBP) with First Response Finance Ltd and therefore can make a claim as next of kin. There has also been similar scenarios where they state a late relative was a Director at First Response Finance Ltd and they have right to claim funds invested in the company.

Please be cautious of any such correspondence as First Response Finance Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of ITOCHU Europe PLC and we do not accept any investment funds from members of the public. We are a provider of installment credit to consumers for the purchase of vehicles within our jurisdiction of the United Kingdom only.  

It appears this is a scam whereby a company is targeting Australian members of the public. First Response Finance Ltd advise against paying fees to any company purporting to be able to release funds from our company. You may want to contact us to discuss in the first instance of any such correspondence.  If you wish to do so please write to:

The Company Secretary,
5 Regan Way,
Chetwynd Business Park,
NG9 6RZ.


Why choose Hire Purchase?

Hire Purchase is a popular way to finance a vehicle. It lets you choose the vehicle you want while spreading the payments to suit your budget. You’ll have the reassurance of knowing your regular monthly payments will stay the same and after the last payment, the vehicle’s all yours. Read more about Hire Purchase here.

I bought the vehicle at the garage, so surely the garage sold me the vehicle?

No, the garage sold First Response the vehicle. A Hire Purchase agreement means that we have bought the vehicle from the garage and we have agreed to hire it to you over a set period of time. Although you have all the documents, e.g. registered keeper's documents the vehicle belongs to us until you pay the loan in full.

If there is a problem with the vehicle do I go to the garage or you?

You should do both. Your contract is with us so we need to be informed at all times and we always recommend going back to the garage where you originally bough the vehicle. If there is an issue with your vehicle it is likely our team will ask the garage to deal with the faults. If you have an issue please contact our Customer Experience team on 0115 946 6368.

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