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Why Use the UK’s Number 1 Lender?

At First Response Finance we focus on making our dealers happy by providing excellent customer service and great communication. Based in our UK offices, in Nottingham, Leigh and Glasgow, we work closely with over 3,300 dealers nationwide. 

We understand that we need our dealers to be completely satisfied with our service and support, in order for our business to thrive too. That's why we strive to provide the best relationships with our dealers, and uphold consistent communication for any questions or concerns they may have. This also includes things ranging from information on the latest FCA regulations to flexible and full support with customer applications. First Response is one of the only finance providers that helps dealers first hand, and can deliver payments within a matter of hours*.

How We Can Assist Your Dealership

With your dealership in mind, we have developed Point of Sale material that aims to communicate to current and potential customers that finance IS an option, and IS AVAILABLE to your customers. 

Whether you need to promote Finance inside or outside your dealership, our friendly and helpful team at First Response have got you covered! Have a look at our up to date for Point of Sale guide, and get in touch with your Account Manager if you have any queries. Below are an example of our Car Toppers and Motorbike Hangers which we offer as POS material for dealerships. This is an eye catching way of advertising that there's the a finance option on your vehicles and can help raise awareness and interest for potential customers.

Point of Sale Guide

Print Advertising

We understand the value of getting new customers onto your forecourt and every dealerships has their own way of doing so - maybe print advertising works best for you? We’re here to lend a helping hand with the design, message and even the compliance details (in the interest of FCA) in any of the print advertising you have in mind.

Example of Print Advertising

Example of Print Advertising

As you may know the FCA enforce heavy regulations, so ensuring dealers are compliant within all promotional and consumer-facing material is more important to adhere to than ever. Rest assured that our team have FCA training to make sure that any support and advice is given with consideration to the most up-to-date regulations regarding finance and advertising.

Being compliant doesn’t mean being boring and our team know that. We’re here to advise and review any material to make sure it has the best chances of grabbing and retaining the attention of potential customers whilst keeping their best interests in mind.

Image Templates

Example of ImageTemplates

Example of Image Templates

Social Media

Social media can be an extremely powerful tool for connecting with potential or current customers, especially if you make use of their advertising platforms. We’re able to advise on the best ways to use social media and share some insights on using their advertising tools to target the exact customer base you want.

Due to FCA guidelines we fully believe that the standard social media platforms should be a place to be social, to engage and interact with your customers and not sell. All advertising should be pushed onto the advertising platforms which provide insight into engagement and also allows you to focus your reach and target market. 


We’re here to offer as much advice as possible when it comes to advertising and FCA regulations. We advertise on a regular basis and all of our marketing team have completed FCA training to ensure we’re as knowledgeable as possible when advertising our own financial promotions.

Documentation is a big part of proving you are compliant but we understand that you may not know where to start. Companies have various ways and measures of monitoring or regulating their promotions, but we’re able to point you in the right direction and offer some basic advice on documentation. 

As a First Response Finance dealer you can use our in-house knowledge with any of your campaigns.

Get in Touch

We’re here to help and we know that you may have ideas on how you want to advertise in a way which is unique to your dealership. This page is only a selection of the type of sales assistance that we can offer and there’s always more we can do. No idea is too big - get in touch.

If you're an existing dealer, and are looking for access to your Dealer Portal, click the link below.

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*Through the use of Faster Payments. Please be aware that, although most monies are transferred within a matter of hours, this is dependent on your bank, bank holidays and other variables such as service outages that are beyond our control.