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Our First Response Finance Dealer Portal

First Response prides itself on being a forward thinking company, and as an ever evolving company we have built a Dealer Portal that allows for ongoing improvements and changes.

What can you do on the First Response Finance Dealer Portal?

• Instant decisions and credit limits
• Add and edit vehicle function
• Live updates
• Access to the full application details
• Application tracking
• Quote your customer
• DVLA share code function
• E-sign 
• Online proofs uploader

You can read up on the Dealer Portal functions below:

Instant Decisions and Credit Limits

Add and Edit Vehicles

We believe that our supporting dealers should have the ability to manage applications with as few limitations as possible. With that in mind we’ve created an area to add and manage vehicles on all applications. This feature gives you the ability to… 

  1. Add a Vehicle - Simply enter the vehicle registration and mileage, and press find
  2. Change the Vehicle - Just click change and search for a new vehicle
  3. Manage Vehicle Price - Here you can simply edit the vehicle price
  4. Decide on the Next Steps -To offer flexibility we can then either quote the customer, or do nothing at the moment.

We welcome your feedback to ensure we continually improve this service.

Access Full Application Details

Live Application Updates

Quote Your Customer

To give you the tools to serve your customers 24/7 and help beat the queues during busy periods, we’ve built the ability for you to quote the customer yourself.

All you need to do is confirm that the vehicle details are correct, and you’ll enter the quote screen

We’ll offer guidance on whether your chosen quote can be automatically approved, or whether it needs approval by one of our Underwriting team – if it does need approval, this will be processed within our normal business hours.

How To: DVLA Share Code

If you are processing your customers' application, and need support in using the DVLA Share Code functionality, the below video guides you through step by step.

E-Sign Documents

To strengthen our online offering, and ensure you can service your customers 24/7 we’ve built the ability for your customers to sign online at your dealership.

When your customer is ready to sign their agreement, you can hand the control over to the customer to read through the detail of the agreement they are potentially entering into, and sign the documentation.

The process will go through several steps to ensure it is the customer signing, break down the information for the customer, as well as meeting our & your legal obligations.

Upload Proofs & Documents

To increase the transparency of how your customer’s application is progressing, we’ve made changes to our document uploader so that you can see:

  • What’s still required  
  • What’s being processed either by us, or awaiting information from the customer
  • What’s been approved
  • What you’ve uploaded – as you can upload documents before we’ve requested anything

We’ve also improved the processing for the Dealer Obligations and Warranty, so rather than having to print, sign and send – you can simply click verify and sign online.

We welcome your feedback to ensure we continually improve this service.

Please Note: Erica Wright, John Smith & Sarah Walters are fictional customers

All of these functions are providing our dealers with the tools they require to process their finance applications quickly and easily. 

With over 80% of our dealers preferring to use this method, we believe there has never been a better time to utilise the First Response Dealer Portal to take care of your finance.

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We welcome your feedback to ensure we continually improve any of these services.

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