Winning Attitude

Your job is a journey, make mistakes and learn from them

Winning attitudes at First Response

At First Response Finance we appreciate that being a ‘winner’ means something different to every individual. We all measure success using different criteria and there may be many ways in which the same success can be achieved. However what is fundamental to reaching of any individual or team goal is the presence of a winning attitude, regardless of the barriers and conflicts that might get in the way.

We believe that being great at your job is a journey and we expect you to make mistakes and learn from them. Only through reflecting on our failures as well as our triumphs can we identify the correct behaviours to ensure that we apply them next time round to achieve our desired goal. This is only possible by creating a culture that is open and honest which embraces mistakes to harness the learning opportunities that result.

Like many companies, over the past few years First Response Finance tentatively embraced the use of social media as a communication channel to both our customers and car dealers. This was due to a lack of understanding of the opportunities that platforms such as Facebook can provide for businesses and we only saw it as an avoidable risk we didn’t need to take. After many conversations and much reflection, our Marketing Department took the decision to open up this communications channel by launching a company Facebook page and Twitter account, but the launch wasn’t without its problems. In the early days the Marketing team struggled with the demand that was experienced 24 hours a day that came mainly outside of traditional working hours. Furthermore it took a lot longer for the page to gain traction and achieve the visitor traffic that is experienced today. Despite these problems, the success of this platform has been well worth the investment in time and it has gone from strength to strength. It has enabled us to promote the products and services we provide and for customers to obtain answers to queries in minutes when it would have traditionally taken a lot longer to provide this information. Upon reflection, the social platforms we use have been a long journey although they are now seen as a valuable part of our marketing strategy. The team could have given up at any point in the past few years but they didn’t and we are thankful that they remained determined to make it succeed.

Have a think about the last project you worked on: what barriers did you and your team have to overcome before it became a success? Did you consider giving up before the end? Let us know on LinkedIn and join the conversation!

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