Why We Only Work With Selected Dealers

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We only work with dealers who are right for you

When you’re looking for a new vehicle you can easily find yourself overwhelmed with the amount of choice in terms of dealerships or private sellers. At First Response Finance we understand that it can be mind boggling and sometimes you just want someone to do the hard work for you and give you options of who is best to use. Well, the good news is that we have.

The legal side

You may not know, but in order to sell finance products a company must be registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), otherwise they’re trading illegally. The FCA took over from the Office of Fair Trading as public opinion showed that the majority did not believe financial institutions were looking after their customers' best interests. The FCA have since brought in regulations which focus on treating the customer fairly and doing what is best for them, not companies.

The FCA are also responsible for ensuring a dealership's advertising and advice is legal and correct for the customer. 

The FCA’s new way of monitoring companies is in line with the way that First Response Finance thinks of customer service. We will always put the customer at the heart of all decisions we make which is why if we don’t believe our product is right for you we’ll let you know.

Our dealers

When choosing dealers we do several checks to ensure that they:

  • are fully FCA registered and compliant
  • offer good customer service

At First Response we monitor the customer service that all of our dealers deliver and thoroughly check any complaints that we receive. If they hit a certain threshold then we will question whether our relationship is working. By constantly monitoring our dealers online and offline, we can ensure that we're only using dealerships that offer the best customer service. You can read what some of our customers think about us on our testimonials page.

New dealers

It’s not uncommon for customers to want to use a dealer that we are not already trading with – after all there are thousands within the UK. This is fine with us and we actively encourage customers to find a vehicle that they love. If a customer chooses a dealer that we’re not using, our sales team will check they meet our requirements, if they don’t then we tell the customer that we are unable to work with the dealer.

These checks are part of what makes First Response Finance a customer-focused company and not all finance companies will conduct these.

If you apply directly online with us we will offer a list of dealers local to you that we have worked with before. Rest assured though, if we recommend a dealer you do not have to use them, we do this simply to give you a starting point as we find that customers like having a selection of dealers who have a history with us.

If you’re still deciding on finance then we recommend you read our information pages by clicking below.

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