What Makes a Good Company

Why are some companies good to work for?

First Response Finance has participated in the Sunday Times Best Companies to work for list since 2011. In 2016 we moved from the small category to medium sized category and were expecting a lot more competition, the reality is that we actually achieved our highest ranking to date: 7th place. So what is it that makes a company a great place to work and why do our people think First Response is such a great employer? There are certain things that make a company a 'Best Company' and we thought we'd look into several of them.

Communication at First Response


Communication is fundamental to creating trust between employees and the company they work for. At First Response we have a company magazine (The F Word) in which there is a monthly feature called Ask Don. Don Brough is our CEO and this feature does exactly what it says on the tin, each month he answers questions relating to the business usually based around where we are heading, what his thoughts are on the economy or how he thinks recent political events will impact us.  Don’s answers are frank and honest with the aim of building trust with the people at First Response. At a recent company conference we held a Q&A session where people had the opportunity to ask questions on the spot for him to answer, this level of honesty spreads throughout the business and is one of the foundations of our culture.

Common goals

Having a common goal is also considered a characteristic of a great place to work.  Currently the business is focused on 'delivering the brand'. Having a common goal breaks down barriers, gives people a purpose and truly allows people to make a difference. At our recent company conference the key operational teams (such as sales and account management) gave presentations on how their area is progressing with the goal and how this interlinks with other departments. We know that our people make our business and working together with one focus generates enthusiasm and satisfaction in knowing that we are getting closer to fulfilling our goal.

Importance of family


The approach at First Response is one of being flexible and adapting to circumstances, we treat all of our people and our customers this way. We understand that people have external responsibilities and it is important to feel supported through difficult times, achieving a work life balance is important to us and will be discussed in more detail in a future blog however it is important to our culture that our people feel the business will respond to their needs.

All of the above points interlink and through increased communication between teams we are able to discuss difficulties individuals may be experiencing. As a company we can then assist so that all staff members feel better placed to work towards delivering the brand.

Have a think about what makes your place a great place to work, how the culture is and if there's anything you would change.

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