Uses of Old Vehicles

Reusing and recycling your old vehicle

You may be wondering if there's anything "different" you can do with your old motor, rather than sending it to the scrap man. You're probably not alone as, in the UK, 39% of drivers name their cars to cement the bond with their car, meaning it's quite hard just to see them torn to pieces.

Recycle a truck to make a new bedImage:

Instead consider up-cycling, a term used to describe recycling where the old product becomes something of higher value in its new form - in this case the higher value would probably be personal, not monetary.

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Up-cycling in the house

It may seem like a random suggestion but up-cycling your old vehicle and proudly displaying it in your house could be one of the best ideas you’ve ever had.

The first example we love is turning it into a bed. For those who have motor fanatic children this could be one way to ensure they’re going to bed on time, or at least keep them quiet for a little longer!

Just visualise chopping the roof off an old Mini or Fiesta and mounting it against the bedroom wall. Simply add a mattress, smooth the edges and voilà, you’ve got a vintage, up-cycled and a unique piece of furniture.

Reuse an old bus to create a new office


For those motor-happy dads there’s the computer office/study made from the front of an old bus. Although you may not have an old bus lying around this could be achieved with an old campervan or people carrier.

Recycle old car wheels for a new pool table


Want something a little bit more subtle? Try a pool table mounted in old tyres. This one will take a little bit more time and engineering but just look at the results!

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In the garden

Upcycle old tyres to create comfy garden seats


For many people their garden is like an extra room and it’s a place for relaxation, BBQs and showing off to the neighbours. Imagine how awesome tyre seats would look on your porch or decking, plus they’re unique and fairly easy to make.

Upcycle old car headlights for retro garden lights


If you’re looking for something a bit more subtle why not hunt down old car lights to use as outdoor lighting. These may be trickier to source and we recommend asking a qualified electrician to help you install them, just to ensure they’re safe to use. You can use these in a man cave, on the decking or even as security lighting (additional work will have to go into fitting sensors).

Turn an old vehicle into a new garden


Subtle not your thing? Go all out by using your old vehicle as a retro planting pot. We’ve seen this on a few vehicles but the picture of the VW van is definitely our favourite!

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