UK Driving Statistics

Official UK Driving Statistics - Men vs. Women

Who’s better at driving, men or women? No doubt this question has caused a few arguments and heated debates in the past.

Men tend to claim their parking’s top notch and women claim to be more careful on the road. So, who is actually better?

Who's better at driving; UK men or UK women?

Take a look at the infographic below - you may be surprised!

UK Driving Statistics

So statistically, men are better drivers in the UK.

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According to, men were more likely to pass their driving test with a higher overall pass rate in 2017, 2016 and 2015!

Stats show that 51% of males passed their driving test during this period whilst only 44% of women did the same, bringing the UK average pass rate to a mere 47%!

Digging a little deeper we found that Erith, London had the lowest pass rate for men with only 32% of those taking their test getting a licence - The lowest pass rate for women was 28% in Chadderton.

The best drivers? Arguably women drive better in Kingussie, Scotland as the test centre had a high pass rate of 75%. However, men drive better in Duns, Scotland where their highest pass rate was 89%!

Driving facts

  • Driving tests were compulsory from 1934
  • The UK’s first driving licence was issued to Mr R Beere in 1935
  • A motorcycle test used to allow you to drive a car
  • The UK has some of the highest commuting times with an average of 54 minutes (each way!)
  • 92% of UK drivers consider themselves as 'good' drivers.
  • 31% of UK drivers would be happier of more tolls if there was cheaper car tax
  • Almost one in six UK motorists has been caught speeding in the last 5 years

Information includes individual references to: - Road use statistics 2016. - RAC report in motoring 2018

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