UK Car Insurance Myths

Myths and facts that could help you save money on insurance

We've put together a list of popular, and not so popular, UK car insurance myths. Below are 7 quirky statements that people say about car insurance that aren't actually true. Knowing these could help you save money and help when choosing the perfect car for you. Looking for finance information? View our options here.

7 myths about car insurance

1. Red and black cars are more expensive to insure

Studies have been conducted in several different countries to find whether car colour is a factor for insurance and none have been conclusive. 

In fact, most insurance companies won’t ask what colour the car is when you apply. 

2. My job title doesn’t matter, it’s just for their knowledge

We’re not entirely sure on the reasons for this, but your job title could have a large impact on the price you pay for your car insurance.

Money Wise found that subtle changes in your job title could slash or increase your premium. For example, ‘restaurateur’ instead of ‘café owner’ could cost an additional £93 a year. 

Job title and car insurance


Use the Money Saving Experts tool to see what job title could save you money:

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3. My insurance covers me, not the car

Car insurance myths and facts

Another UK car insurance myth unfortunately. When you purchase insurance it is for your vehicle, not you.

This means that if you want to drive your friend’s or partner’s car, you’re likely to be driving uninsured, even if you have permission.

 More expensive insurance policies may allow you to drive other cars but it’s rare.

4. It’s cheaper going through a comparison site

There is no correct answer for this one, so it’s always best to try direct and through a comparison site so you can compare.

5. My credit score doesn’t matter

If you’re looking to pay your insurance on a monthly basis then the insurance company could check your credit rating to see how you currently handle your finances.

Insurance companies want to ensure that when your payment’s due you’re able to pay, and for this extra risk (if you have a low credit score) they may add additional costs onto your premium. 

6. Parking in your garage is cheaper

Depending on your postcode it may be cheaper to keep your car on a street outside of your house rather than on your driveway or in your garage.

Why? Because most claims in the area have been from damage or theft to vehicles when their car is on their driveway or in their garage!

7. I only need to look at engine size, not the type of vehicle

A 3 door hatchback could end up costing you a lot more to insure than a 5 door hatchback.

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Use the handy infographic below to get a good idea on where your car is positioned in relation to insurance prices.

Vehicle type and car insurance


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