The UK’s 7th Best Company 2016

Voted 7th in the Best 100 Mid-Sized Companies

This achievement is all thanks to our staff that work across the three offices at First Response Finance Ltd. in Nottingham, Leigh and Glasgow. Staff members answered a survey about different areas that relate to working for the company such as Wellbeing, My Manager, My Company, Personal Growth and Leadership.

First Response took the top spot for being driven by more than profit and budgetary concerns, with 87% of staff agreeing and 72% of staff agreeing that we give back to local communities.

We have a number of initiatives in place to try and make First Response a place people want to work and people seem to agree. Results from the Best Companies survey show that 83% of staff wouldn’t leave, even if they were offered another job.  The company focuses on improving and getting the best results by removing targets from the business. The idea instead is that each member of staff learns and improves individually and within their team to become the best employee they can be.

Best Companies 2016

Our CEO, Don Brough said “we don’t participate in this survey to pat ourselves on the back or to get a top placement.  We use this to create a benchmark, so we can review the year-on-year movements, which help us to understand where we’re getting it right and where we’re getting it wrong… we’re now in the top 10 of mid-sized companies and this clearly is an outstanding result!”

Being a part of the UK’s Best Companies is not a new concept for us as this is the 5th year that we have achieved an award but the first year within Mid-Sized Companies. In 2015 we saw an increase in the number of staff across all offices which meant we became above the threshold for their previous Small Companies category.

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