Tenure and Retirement

Encouraging healthy careers

This year (2017) First Response will be saying goodbye to three valued team members who will retire. Combined, these three employees have worked with us for a whopping forty nine years and we know that they will be dearly missed. Their roles included Finance Director, Underwriting Team Leader and Compliance Officer and they all played a pivotal part at First Response.

Although we're losing three key players in our business we're happy that they've been with First Response for such a long time and have helped us shape the business to what is it today. All of our employees' desires to have a successful and long lasting career are taken seriously and we do everything in our power to enable this to happen. We know that if an employee is happy and valued in the workplace, if their career ambitions are being met and they are fairly rewarded for their contributions then they are more likely to stay with us. Every day we endeavour to make this a reality in order to have a diverse workforce that's a variety of ages with people at a variety of stages within their careers. We strive to create an environment where our colleagues want to remain with us until they retire as they know that we will support them throughout their career and also through life’s ups and downs.

We value long standing workers

Rewarding service

From the beginning of any employment with First Response we always look to reward continued service and contribution to the business through a number of different initiatives including;

  • an additional day of annual leave for each year
  • 5 extra days annual leave at 5 years
  • free private medical insurance
  • company-wide cake to celebrate when a member of staff has been working here 10 years

We also encourage all employees to be in our company pension scheme which could give them a nice pot of money when they retire. Over the first 10 years of employment, our pension contribution rises to reflect and reward tenure. In fact, a lot of our employees enjoy this benefit with 90% contributing to their pension month on month, a great fete considering 1/3 of our employees are under the age of 30!

We always want our staff to know that whatever age or stage of their career they are at, at First Response they're cared for, valued and looked after. One way we do this is to ensure we offer some great reward and support packages which are designed to help you along the way.

Have a think about your own employer, what initiatives do they offer to promote the health of your career?

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