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Looking after your finances

Keeping on top of your finances and what you’ve spent over the weekend can be a tricky task, especially if you’ve got an unfriendly banking app. Luckily there are new apps on the scene that can tell you exactly what you’ve spent, saved or what company is eating most of your money. After all, saving money doesn’t necessarily mean putting money to one side each month, it could just be knowing how much you’re spending and where.

Knowing where your money is going

Imagine the scenario, it’s two weeks until payday and you know you’ve overspent so far this month. You can send a quick message to your new app asking “how much have I spent in Tesco this month?” or “where is my money going this month?” and it will send you an update straight away.


Cleo spending appImage:

Cleo is an app that makes you question if you really need to buy another £3 meal deal or if you should be taking your own lunch to work should help reduce unnecessary costs.

If you think you’ve spent too much money in one place you can keep track of that too, for example you could ask “how much has Uber cost me?” and it will display a nice or shocking amount on your screen. The idea is that you’ll acknowledge that for the sake of an extra 10 minutes you could save a tenner by getting the bus.

Helping you save money


Plum saving appImage:

Of course if you’re one of those people that will spend money regardless of an app telling you how much you’re currently spending then a saving app may be the way forward. Apps such as Plum take money directly from your account into your own Plum account without you knowing. Before you think it sounds too scary have a think about the logic. Each withdrawal is a small amount and equates to a couple of quid. It can remove the amount in small increments so that you’re completely unaware, it will then send you an update with how much you’re saving.

Of course the best idea would be to then transfer this to a savings account rather than spending it or buying another set of trainers, but unfortunately it cannot control what you do with the money!


Chip saving appImage:

Similar to Plum, Chip is an app that takes money from your account each month. This money is stored in a Barclays account and they only take a couple of payments over the month. It works by working out an average of how much you spend each week and the weeks where you spend less it will save the difference for you.

At the end of the month you’ll also get a motivating text message which updates you on your savings so far!

Seeing all of your money in one place

If you’re somebody that has money in lots of different places – bank accounts, credit cards or savings accounts – then Money Saving Expert’s latest app could help you out. OnTrees Personal Finance is an app that will show you an overview of all your accounts in one place, so you can see if you need to top up your savings or if your credit card is getting near its maximum limit without logging into several different apps.

Saving money or spending less is not an easy task, especially when there are so many bills and other costs to think about. If an app can help you along the way, then we’re all up for it. Let us know on Facebook if you’ve got any other tips for saving or spending less on those unessential items!

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Important: First Response Finance are in no way endorsing or promoting specific apps or programmes. We highly recommend you do your own research before downloading or purchasing an app. We take no responsibility for any financial loss or damage that is incurred due to you reading this blog post.

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