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First Response Quarterly Nights Out

First Response understand the importance of creating an environment and culture that employees want whilst still ensuring we're professional, successful and sociable.

We know that our employees want a workplace where they feel comfortable discussing their hobbies and home life. One way this happens is by encouraging broad and diverse working relationships. We believe that social relationships at work foster an enjoyable and productive working environment where employees are more engaged with their role and their peers. The responsibility for ensuring this happens lies with all of our employees whether individually or within teams.


One way First Response Finance encourages social interaction between team members is by providing a quarterly social budget which is to be used to pay or contribute towards a team activity outside of work. Every member of staff gets an allowance which can be put together with their team members for a day or night that will bring them closer together as a team.

Recent examples of activities that some departments have decided to do include; escapes rooms, bowling, cocktail making, watching a local sports team and some fine dining. Choosing the activity is left to individual teams and departments but every team member's opinion is considered when making the decision and some even throw ideas into a 'box of fun' and have a lucky dip each month.


Quarterly nights out are seen as an opportunity for our team members to get to know each other on an entirely social level and within an environment other than the workplace. Employees often relate stronger relationships with greater trust, respect and understanding which tends to be a result of spending regular social time together. Since introducing social nights the managers at First Response have reported seeing improved team work, honesty and a greater sense of appreciation.


Although providing this benefit to all of our employees is costly it creates an engaging workforce and strengthens our culture. We genuinely believe that when people look forward to coming to work, are motivated and productive and enjoy working together it's priceless.

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