Starting With Why

Inspiring people or companies start with 'why?'

We recently stumbled upon a TED Talk by Simon Sinek titled 'Starting With Why', which explained that whilst some companies are very good at explaining what they do and how they do it – it doesn’t necessarily capture an individual’s interest or motivation. In other words, it's great to know what you're doing, but why are you doing it? Understanding a company's motivations will help us understand the company as a whole.

Asking why at First Response

This made us think further about our 'why' as a business, and more specifically about how we felt about it.

We asked a few people for their thoughts so that we could have a catchy slogan or strap line, however, we quickly found that this could just come across as corporate jargon – so we went for a different approach.

We believe that articulating your company’s 'why' shouldn’t be reduced to one sentence, as there is a chance that this could appear disingenuous and miss the mark of people really understanding what we are about.

We asked numerous members of staff for their thoughts by putting them in front of the camera and capturing their first response. The purpose of getting their genuine and honest thoughts on why First Response do what we do. You can see what our staff thought below:

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