Seasonal Reflection

A new year, a new reflection

As the new year starts many use this time as an opportunity for reflection on last year's successes and failures in order to help prepare us for the new year ahead. There are always many challenges that have been overcome and yet more hurdles that still lay ahead.

Reflection can often involve considering the work you have done, are doing or can do to help those that are less fortunate, no matter how big or small. That's why you tend to find a higher number of people donating to food banks, raising funds at carol concerts or dedicating their time to worthy causes at this time of year.

Giving and charity work

Giving all year round

At First Response Finance we take our charitable work seriously and believe it is our responsibility to give something back to the society in which we operate. As an organisation we work very closely with Magic Breakfast and have done for a number of years. Magic Breakfast is a charity that seeks to provide breakfast to primary school children who would have normally gone without. For information on the work they undertake you can find out more on their website.

Over the past year we have not only helped raise funds for this worthy cause but employees were also given the opportunity to volunteer during work time. Volunteering meant visiting schools in which Magic Breakfast operates and offer support to the charity volunteers and school staff to ensure this vital service is possible.

Charity box with money

There have been a wide variety of fun packed fundraising events that have been organised at First Response during 2016 such as; company BBQs, Christmas jumper days, raffles, baking competitions and a "dress your desk competition" during the Euros to name a few. Also, as an organisation, First Response donate £1 for every new customer we gain. As a result of this hard work and generosity from our employees, we have been able to support Magic Breakfast in providing over 145,000 breakfasts in the last 12 months alone, that's the equivalent of £31,900!

This is only a fraction of the funds that organisations such as Magic Breakfast require to continue the good work they undertake and often funding is only part of the solution. Time, resources and compassion are often equally valuable and equally in need so please take a minute to think how you could help someone this Christmas. It might be helping an elderly neighbour, buying an extra gift to donate to a good cause or helping at a local soup kitchen. Let’s not forget those that might need a helping hand at this testing time of year and let’s help spread the festive cheer.

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