Our Degree Apprenticeships

A quick guide to working whilst earning your degree!

Time flies! After years of nurturing your child they tell you that they want to do a degree apprenticeship and you have no clue whether that’s a good idea or not!

Let’s start with the basics: what is a degree apprenticeship? In simple terms, it’s a way for your child to work, earn a wage and get a university degree at the same time. The degree is paid for by their employer so there’s no need to worry about unsightly student loans in a few years’ time.

There’s a few different types but the one we’re discussing is equivalent to a degree at university.

Different levels of apprenticeships

It’s no secret, they’ve not had a great reputation in the past but they’ve changed a lot in recent years and for some students they’re a great option, for the following reasons:

  1. Employers want experience and this will provide it
    Having a degree no longer sets you apart in the way it used to. Almost 50% of school leavers go on to Higher Education so naturally employers are asking for more and now look for evidence of work experience.

  2. It’s more affordable than university
    With the rising costs of university coupled with a tough job market, the idea of working and learning has never been more popular. The introduction of apprenticeship programmes in 2016 has bridged a huge gap, meaning that 18 year olds plus can now do a degree, earn a wage and gain valuable experience. What more could you ask for?

  3. Parents support them
    81% of parents believe that a degree apprenticeship would provide their child with a better chance of getting a job when compared with a traditional university degree. In fact 83% say they would consider taking a one themselves if they were in their child’s shoes. Despite this mass of support only 13% of parents are aware them as an option!

Graduating with a degree apprenticeship

“Savvy parents are recognising the importance of their children getting their foot on the career ladder at an early age. On-the-job experience and a pathway to professional status are recognised as a surer route to future success than the jobs lottery that many graduates face today.” - Ann Francke, CEO at the Chartered Management Institute

University degree versus degree apprenticeship

So what should your child do?

There are some questions that you need to ask yourself before deciding helping your son or daughter to make a decision:

  1. Do they know what they would like to do as a future career?
  2. Do they like the idea of earning a wage, being in an adult environment, and ‘learning by doing’?
  3. Are they ready to push themselves, work hard and get their career started?
  4. Are they prepared to give up the ‘university lifestyle’ in favour of accelerating their career?

If the answer to these questions is YES then a degree apprenticeship may the best option!

We recommend you research online to find suitable employers who offer them for the course your child wants. You could find them anywhere in the country but you may find that these employers are closer to home than you think!

The First Response option

We’ve been offering a select number of students the chance to join one of the Top 10 Best Companies to Work For in the UK and earn themselves a business degree in the process.

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