New Dealer Portal launched

Making things easier for our dealers

As a company who is constantly striving to improve our products, communication and customer satisfaction, we find that feedback is a great tool to use. We gathered feedback from our dealers to understand exactly what else they would like from our Dealer Portal – the Dealer Portal is the section of our website that dealers can access to see up-to-date information on their customer applications.

Dealer feedback reported that the basic functionality of the portal was fine, it was mainly the aesthetics and the way it looked which needed the improvements. We set our IT team on the case.

New Dealer Portal screenshotThe portal was delivered early this month and has seen changes to its access with a new login on the homepage which takes the dealer to an internal section of the First Response Finance website, as opposed to the external site which was used before.  

The new Dealer Portal has so far received great feedback and an increase in usage! Through communication between our dealers and our sales teams our IT team have now received additional requests for features to the portal which will make our whole process quicker, simpler and more beneficial to the dealer and the end customer.

Read the features here

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If you are a dealer who has not provided feedback on the new dealer portal, we would love to hear your thoughts. Get in touch by sending an email us

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