Making it easy for our Dealers

We listen to Dealer Feedback

If there are two things we love at First Response, they’re change and feedback. We love getting feedback from customers or dealers on how we can improve our service or our finance packages. This feedback then encourages us to change (hopefully) for the better. Below you’ll see a few examples of our latest feedback and updates off the back of it.

Our 24/7 Dealer Portal

New Dealer Portal screenshotAs a company that is constantly striving to improve our products, communication and customer satisfaction, we find that feedback is a great tool to use. We gathered feedback from our dealers to understand exactly what else they would like from our Dealer Portal, the area that they can track their customer's progress.

Dealer feedback reported that the basic functionality of the portal was fine, it was mainly the aesthetics and the way it looked which needed the improvements. We set our IT team on the case.

The portal has now been live since 2016 and has been constantly updated ever since. Through communication from our dealers, our IT team have now received and implemented a number of improvements in order to make our whole process quicker, simpler and more beneficial to the dealer and the end customer.

As of August 2020 you can now do the following online:

• Get instant decisions and credit limits
• Add, edit & value vehicles 
• Get Live updates
• Access & track the full application details
• Quote your customer
• Use the instant DVLA share code function
• E-sign
• Upload the custoimer proofs

Check out our how-to videos here 

More staff on Saturdays

In June 2016 we made another bold change after getting a lot of feedback from our dealers. The feedback was that we were understaffed on Saturdays. We were working with the same number of staff on both Saturday and Sunday but, in comparison, Sundays were a lot less demanding. The solution was clear to us: move these staff members to Saturday and improve our customer service.

We’ve also updated our dealer portal which means dealers are able to put on an app, quote a customer and send over a signed agreement to us whilst we’re closed. As soon as we’re open we’ll simply check the docs and pay out as standard. Pretty cool isn’t it? If you’re not already on the portal send us an email or Tweet and we’ll get you set up ASAP.

Instant money

A few years back we surveyed a large number of the dealers who work with us and we asked them how we could do better. The answer was a pretty unanimous: you want your money, fast.

As a dealer you don’t want to wait around for hours or days to get your money in order to release the vehicle to the customer - time means money. Getting money fast also works well to keeping both our customers and dealers happy and to keep the ball rolling.

We know time is money

To ensure that payouts are released quicker, we have taken time to fully integrate a system called “Faster Payments”, a method that allows you to get the money into your bank account within the hour or less.

Changes to customer contracts

A few years back, in November 2015 we amended all of our contracts to ensure that they were clear and not misleading to the dealer or the customer in any way. Although the changes we made were minimal it was a bigger change for dealers who had gotten used to our previous method.

To make things simpler we created a handy video to talk through the dos and don’ts for our contracts – you can see this below.

Have a question? Speak directly with your Account Manager or get in touch with us on Facebook or Twitter.

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