Internal Development

How we develop staff at First Response

At First Response Finance we consider ourselves to be a development company which is demonstrated in our philosophy of “people, service, profit”. The belief behind this philosophy is that the more we invest in developing our people, the more equipped they will be to provide our customers with the best service possible which will inevitably bring profit.

Over the past few years we have seen a good bit of growth in our employee numbers but we’ve worked hard to stay with our philosophy and maintain a ‘small company’ feel. We find that by having the feel of a small company we can keep engagement high and reinforce the message that we can all make a difference.

Development programmes at First Response

One way we help people to make a difference is by investing some of the profit we make back into the business with in-house training and development programmes such as coaching workshops and a leadership academy.

Arguably the most popular development programme we have available is Business Foundation. Business Foundation is open to all employees regardless of position or career goals and is split in to two main areas: how companies become successful and continue to thrive and individual goal setting with self-awareness. Many people join Business Foundation to learn what makes a successful business in a bid to relate this to First Response and put their learning in to practice; question our processes and challenge what we do to push the company forward.

 'If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there' - Lewis Carroll

Goal setting is a very important part of Business Foundation and one of the main things people take away from the course. Often people join the course with a goal in mind and the sessions help them realise how they can achieve their goal or alternatively realise that is not actually their goal at all. We believe that without a personal goal you could end up involving yourself in something that will not add value to you or the company.

Internal development courses

Many of our people leave our in-house development programmes feeling more confident and ultimately a better version of themselves who will continually push their comfort zones and regularly reflect on what they have achieved or where certain things didn’t go to plan.

Have a think, what goals do you personally have in place?

Are you doing something today that will help you achieve your goal? If the answer is ‘nothing’ then why not think about what you want to see when you look back on your life at the age of 70 and put plans in place to make sure you see the life you want? We welcome any comments regarding how you are developing and what works best for you.

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