How to become the “perfect employee”

Is it possible to become a perfect employee?

If you searched for this, then it’s likely that you are trying to become one…chances are you’re due your big promotion or pay rise any day now, right? Maybe you’ve reached the ceiling with your current job, or you’re just bored and are looking for a new challenge with a new employer. Whatever your reasons for trying become “perfect” that’s fine with us, but how do you get there and is it achievable?

The four assumed traits of the perfect employee:

  • Being the epitome of your organisation’s culture
    Do you bleed [insert company colour here]? Companies try to build a culture for a reason. Partaking in a company’s culture is great if you’re into that particular ‘brand’ but not everyone shares the same enthusiasm towards their company and it may mean you end up moulding yourself to fit in.

    How to be the perfect employee

    A question you should probably ask yourself is: ‘is this the company for me?’ If it’s not then chances are you might get frustrated being the odd one out in the way you think or act and it may make it extremely difficult to be seen as the “perfect employee” However, the caveat to this is that you might be the spark needed to give the company something new which could mean your differences end up being exactly what the company needs and you're one step closer to perfection.

  • Following the rules and procedures
    You’re usually one of two people, the one that follows orders and rules or the employee that questions and challenges the norm, but which one is perfect? Whilst following rules may be a desirable trait in most employees, moving an organisation forward requires flexibility, drive, and original thought. Challenging the norm, or breaking the rules might be necessary if it’s for the good of the company and the customer.
  • Keeping the peace
    Would you rather ensure that a team is harmonious than tell people what you really think? This is a common trait in newer teams but ask yourself whether extra honesty would help your team identify weaknesses and resolve issues sooner, therefore moving the team forward. You may think that sticking with the norm and keeping peace may make you the perfect employee or leader, after all it’s what we’re always taught, however employee perfection may come after a period of conflict that drives your team towards becoming high performing.
  • Working overtime to get the job done
    Are you always the first one in and the last one to leave or constantly trying to go the extra mile for the organisation? Whilst it’s commendable that you’re fully behind your company you may find you’ll burn out. An employee with poor health due to their job or dedication is far from perfect in anybody’s eyes.  If commitment becomes the issue that's impacting your work-life balance it is probably worth taking a step back to consider a better way to get the job done. Get your work-life ratio correct and you’re likely be happier and healthier and ultimately closer to becoming the "perfect employee!"

Is there such a thing as a perfect employee

So, are you the perfect employee? And which type of perfect do you want to be?

“Perfect” is one of those words that means different things to different people. We may all think we have some perfect traits but ultimately the bar will continue to move so you may never achieve that ultimate perfection either in your own eyes or your employer's. Although finding a good work-life balance or perfect blend may be difficult it might be the ultimate that we should be driving ourselves toward.

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