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Goodbye to Magic Breakfast

If you’ve been following us on Facebook or Twitter over the past month or so you’ll have noticed that we were pushing our #KeepUpForCharity campaign. It was an interactive keepy uppy challenge with money being donated to Magic Breakfast.

The campaign went well and the latest donation we sent to the charity was £3,893 bringing our total to £211,710. That was our final donation after 5 years of support.

Magic Breakfast final donation

We’ve decided to move away from Magic Breakfast as they have successfully acquired government funding. As a small company we want to support small charities so, regrettably for Magic Breakfast, we moved to a lesser known charity: SANE.

A big welcome to SANE

SANE are a UK mental health charity who are working hard to #StopStigma against mental health. They run their very own Black Dog Campaign, named after Churchill’s well known nickname for depression, which features placing large statues in public places to raise awareness. We now have one in each of our offices.

SANE have three simple aims:

  1. Reduce the impact of mental illness
  2. Improve treatment and care by increasing knowledge about mental illness
  3. Influence policy and public attitudes by increasing understanding of mental illness

SANE is our new chosen charity


Unfortunately, mental health problems are one of those things that we’re all aware of, we all probably know somebody who experiences them, yet we very rarely talk about them.

We ran a poll within our office to find which charity our staff would want to support, SANE won with a whopping 55% (there were 4 options).

In a recent company update, one of the management board expressed their gratitude to the company for choosing SANE, after all its something that goes unspoken. As somebody who had experienced mental health problems in the past they would have loved to have had this assistance, or at least have known about it. That talk went down as one of the best company updates in years. The brutal honesty and tips on mind management gave most of the company food for thought and an appreciation of keeping our minds “tidy”.

SANE's black dog campaign

It's a sad fact that in the UK, 10% of people will experience depression at some point during their life with an average "episode" lasting 6-8 months on average. There is also one suicide every 90 minutes, which equates to 6,000 per year, where over 50% of the victims suffered from a major depressive disorder. SANE are a charity that's helping to reduce these figures by helping us be more open about mental health - and that's a win in our book.

What we’re doing for the charity

We will raise money and donate to SANE in a variety of ways which will be (but not limited to):

  • Donating £1 for every finance deal we write
  • Donating profits from cans of pop for sale in the office
  • Hosting internal events such as bake offs and raffles
  • Match any employer’s fundraising activities for any other charity
    • For example, if a team member raises £100 for Cancer Research we will give them £100 to match (£200 in total will go to Cancer Research). We will also match this donation for SANE (£200 in total will go to SANE).

We anticipate that the foreseeable future will be great. We envisage a lot of money will be raised for SANE and hopefully we can help them support a large number of people in the process.

Keep checking back for charity updates and let us know any fundraising ideas you may have; you never know we may use them!

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