Employees get a fair deal at First Response

Roles are designed so employees feel a sense of ownership and responsibility

The foundation that First Response Finance is built on, People – Service – Profit, aims to create engaged, happy and satisfied employees who provide fantastic services to our customers. In fact, we’re number 1 on Review Centre based on customer feedback and we’re also voted the best finance company by dealers for customer service. This focus leads to returning customers and ultimately more profit.  It is this unique and customer-focused way of thinking that determines everything we do, including job design.

The roles available at First Response Finance are designed so that our employees feel a sense of ownership and responsibility. This leads to the people who are closest to our customers and dealers understanding their needs and being able to influence change to our products and processes so we can continue to improve the services we offer.

Getting a fair deal

The extra inch

Engaged people go the extra mile, however we like to think our employees 'go the extra inch'. The extra inches added to our already great service means we're happy to offer excellent rewards and lots of development opportunities back to our staff. We aim to provide a great overall package that includes a competitive salaries, bonus scheme and benefits that cater for all.


In July all employees start their new benefit year where they can select their preferred benefits from the internal platform, First Flex. First Flex offers a large range of benefits but by far the most popular benefit which makes people stop and think is the Private Medical Insurance. As an added extra First Response offer all employees a free NHS top up to their medical insurance. This top up means employees can claim back money for everyday health visits such as the dentist, opticians or even acupuncture! Alongside our private medical insurance we also offer spa discounts and discounted gym memberships.  What could be better than a cheeky spa day to reward yourself with having hit a big fitness goal? 

We know that different benefits can be more or less important depending on stage of life so what is important to you at this moment may not have been important 5 or 10 years ago. Why not get involved and tell us what you consider to be a deal-breaker benefit? 

There will be more thoughts around fair deals in the coming months but for now follow us on social media and see what’s on offer!

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