Dealer Portal Updates

Updated Dealer Portal

The First Response Dealer Portal, was redesigned for consistency with our new website layout and for simplicity last year due to the old dealer portal area being clunky and hard to use. 

A large number of you will have already accessed our Dealer Portal and used this tool for your dealership. But for those that have not yet used the Dealer Portal or haven’t accessed it in a while we’ve been steadily adding functionality and improvements this year.

Some dealers are already seeing a host of benefits from these changes. For instance, adding an application goes directly into an underwriting team for processing business, speeding up the turnaround of your apps.  Also, you can now view the stage of an application, this means you no longer need to call the office to find out where your customer is within our process, as this information is now at your fingertips.

Within the First Response Dealer Portal we’ve added a drill down into the application, this gives you visibility of the application details, vehicle details, applicant details, quote and dealer payment details.

All of these added functions have been developed as a result of your feedback.

We have a Dealer Portal User Guide (click here) which is simple to follow and will be updated when we get new functionality added.

Recent Updates:

Update 04/01/2017

Homepage Update
All application decisions are now shown on the application on the homepage. You can see the decision without clicking through to the app along with any credit limit and status.

Update 21/12/2016

Decision Screen
You are now able to see an instant decision once you have added an application. This will show if a customer has been accepted, declined or referred to manual underwriting.

Update 07/12/2016

Clearer Stage Information
You can now seen if we are working on a stage "waiting for" or we have arranged something with the customer "arranged".

Information the maximum amount we will lend against a vehicle is now available.

You are now able to upload documents or proofs to an application.

Update 27/07/2016

Vehicle Warnings Updated
This is a change to the way vehicle warnings are shown on the vehicle panel. These changes were off the back of dealer feedback and now reduced the amount of information you see in order to make it clearer and obvious what the potential issue may be. 

Update 01/06/2016

Document and Proof Requirements
This allows you to see what proofs (fulfillment) or documents we have received and what we are waiting for.

Activity History
You will now be able to see what exactly we have done with each application and customer. You can see contact attempts, status changes and any documents received.

Update 18/05/2016

Dealer Payment Information
This shows you how much money we are due to pay you on current deals, but it will also show you how much we have paid in any previous deals. Any commission you are due on the deal is shown separately within the same area.

Dealer Portal Vehicle Panel Data Enhancements
This now shows what the valuation is for the preferred vehicle and HPI check/warnings, alongside any of our status warnings. (This is alongside all the other Vehicle Details that we have already provided, make & model, derivative, registration & vehicle mileage.

Update 04/05/2016

Current Quote
You are now able to see Quotes that we have given to the customer.

This area shows a number of point’s dependent on the deal, if the figures are based on a New Customer it will show the active quote and the vehicle it is based upon, within this section you have the following: Price, Part ex deposit, Cash Deposit, Dealer Payout Term and Monthly Payments.

The second section is the Monthly Legal Agreement section, Price, Part ex deposit, Cash Deposit, Amount Dealer Credit, APR, Finance Charge & Total Repayable.

If an application is a First Response Renewal Customer a third section will appear in the middle, this is in relation to the Settlement.

Warning Symbols / Hover Overs
The red warning symbols will show if more information is required. If you hover over it, it will explain what is happening with each section. For example, if the settlement figure needs to be carried over it will explain this.

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