Charity Christmas Cards

Celebrating Christmas at First Response

For the past couple of years First Response Finance have been working closely with our chosen charity, Magic Breakfast, in order to help provide school children with a healthy breakfast before they start their day. One way that we have been helping is through volunteering in primary schools where Magic Breakfast sessions are run. Each week several members of our Nottingham office head to Snapewood Primary School in Bulwell and help dish out breakfast and entertain the children before they head off to their lessons. It made perfect sense for us that this year we should ask for some help from these kids to design our First Response Christmas cards.

Magic Breakfast Cards

The design work

Our team arrived at Snapewood one morning with carrier bags filled to the brim with card, cotton wool, glitter glue and felt tips. The team set up a separate table in order to contain the creative genius that was to occur. The rule for the table was that you had to eat your breakfast first before you could come over and join in with the artwork; this way the children were still going to get their nutritious breakfast.

Once at the Christmas card table the kids were asked to design a card for our customers which could be anything they wanted, so long as it looked Christmassy.  The difficulty with this task was ensuring that they didn’t get too excited for Christmas; after all they were designing them in autumn!

The volunteers helped the children stick to the Christmas card brief by giving them ideas such as traditional trees, Santa Claus and snowy scenes made with cotton wool.

"The kids got really creative and had loads of fun. I loved seeing the kids enjoying themselves, but felt for the parents who had glittered clothes for a fortnight!” - Donna, First Response

The clean up

We made sure that the school didn’t have to clean up any extra mess as our trusty volunteers got stuck in with the hoover and dish cloths afterwards. Have you seen the amount of different places that glitter can get? Our fundraising team spent around 30 minutes after each creative session making sure we left the place as clean as when we got there. Over the three weeks that we spent at the school we quickly learned that tonnes of newspaper and sellotape would be our saviour!

Magic Breakfast Cards

Narrowing down the choices

The finalised card

After each session we came away with a large pile of cards which varied from night-time scenes, snowmen and Santas. Narrowing down the choice of cards was an extremely difficult task as the kids had managed to create a range of cards with lots of different personalities and styles. In fact we found it so difficult to choose that we took a staff vote. All of the cards were sent to each member at First Response Finance for them to take a look and vote for their top three. The card which was loved most by the staff was the one which was sent to print.

Santa - Charity Christmas Card

"Despite having to clean glitter out of our hair for a whole week… it was awesome fun to help the kids get creative and watch them produce some excellent Christmas cards for us! I’m sure you’ll agree that the card we chose was a worthy winner… and the messy chaos we helped to create was well worth it!” - Jay, First Response

Getting the kids involved with our Christmas card project was a great experience for the kids, staff at the school and our fundraising volunteers. We love the end result and hopefully it will bring a smile to your face, too.

Take a look at how the charity have helped thousands of pupils.

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