Charity Challenge

The Euros

For those of you who don’t know, First Response Finance’s chosen charity is Magic Breakfast, a UK-based charity that helps to provide breakfasts to school children in the hope of eradicating learning on an empty stomach.

The First Response fundraising team regularly create events or challenges for all three of our UK offices in order to raise money for Magic Breakfast. This month the theme is the Euros. The idea is that all teams enter into the challenge by paying an entry fee and they’re given a country at random as their theme. Each country is then placed into a fixture list to ‘play off’ against each other to see who can show off their country’s history, culture and spirit the best.

All teams in Nottingham were pitted against each other, all Leigh teams were and Glasgow too. The winner from each office will be placed into the final for a prize of glory and pride in July.

Extra Fundraising

Each team got into the competitive spirit pretty quickly, with some of the upping their games to offer out food, drinks and ‘entry fees’ in order to raise a little bit more money for the charity.

Wales won by offering Welsh cakes which was received well by the judges who voted for them over Italy and their pizza and prosecco party.

Ukraine ran tours around their museum which led them to the next round and kicked out Romania.

Switzerland sold authentic Swiss chocolate but were defeated by the Czech Republic who offered beer tasting (0% of course) in their pub.

Spanish Tapas

Spain offered some amazing homemade tapas but were unfortunately defeated by Austria who offered apple strudels and had a working ski lift!

Republic of Ireland vs. England

Ireland's Temple Bar

One of the fixtures was against Republic of Ireland and England. ROI created their own St James's Gate, Temple Bar and Shergar the horse which infamously disappeared.

IT Football Team

IT held a strong opposition with flags and bunting galore, the team also used face masks to become the England team for the day!

Austria vs. Spain vs. Germany

Austria Avalanche

Due to an odd number of teams in the Nottingham office, one round had to be a three way competition. This was drawn as Austria, Spain and Germany. The competition was fierce as Austria pulled out all the stops with strudels, working ski lifts and even fancy dress outfits worn by the team.

Spain's beach

Spain went for a party atmosphere with ceiling decorations, streamers, tapas and even a man-made beach.

Germany went down the automobile route and made all their office chairs into famous German cars such as BMW, Audi and Porsche.

Czech Republic vs. Switzerland

Czech Republic Castle

In Nottingham, the Czech Republic created their own bar (RePUBlic) and offered out beer tasting to the office along with traditional Czech decorations. Switzerland countered with chocolates, the Alps and their own Swiss cut out portrait for you to take a selfie with.


Italy's Leaning Tower of Pisa

There were some great efforts from the teams in terms of constructions: Italy built a Colosseum and the Leaning Tower of Pisa; France built the Eiffel Tower, The Louvre and the Arc de Triomphe; Czech Republic pulled out all the stops and built Prague Castle; Wales built Ben Nevis and Republic of Ireland found Shergar.


A few different ways of voting for the winners was trialled across our offices in order to get people involved, such as judges from the volunteering team, votes from the office and online polls!

All teams were judged on:

Craft Skills: Did the team show off their secret talents and create something fun and beautiful?

Originality & Imagination: Have the team done something different and unusual?

Research & Positivity: Does the display demonstrate that the team have looked into and found something interesting about their host country? Does the display celebrate the history and culture of that country?

Effort & Enthusiasm: Can the judges see that the team have worked hard on their display and have obviously enjoyed themselves?

The money is still rolling in for Magic Breakfast but we’re estimating to give the charity around £500 as all donations are doubled by First Response.

Since choosing Magic Breakfast as our charity we’ve raised over £130,000 as a company which equates to over 590,000 breakfasts. This is done through fundraising efforts, a matching scheme and a £1 donation for every deal that we write as a business.

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