Charity and Fundraising

Charity Work at First Response Finance

First Response Finance has always tried to support small local charities, as we know that some of these charities struggle for funding and we wanted to assist them, so they could make a real difference in the community. But we have also encouraged our employees to fundraise for what's important to them and we have matched their donations. Below you will find some of the great charitable work our employees are currently doing and what we have done collectively in the past.

Employee Charity fundraising

As our people are the foundation of our business, we wanted to recognise and celebrate three members of our staff who are currently fundraising for good causes, the totals of which will also be matched by our Match Scheme. We are sure many more will feature.



"It all started with the age old “I never win anything” stuff…I’m a non-runner and wanted to tick off at least a half marathon once while I was still able to do one so entered the Notts half marathon that’s in September this year. To give myself the best shot, I went to the Running Show at the NEC and put a random raffle entry in for the Birmingham Half, and next thing I know, I’ve got an email saying I’m in and doing a half marathon a lot earlier than I expected to training is in full flow already.

Honesty is the best policy, I don’t have a sob story or and ties to Birmingham Children’s Hospital, I don’t even have children! but what’s wrong with doing something good to help some sick people? People should be willing to do more of this in my book. Long and short of it all is that it’s a great cause that helps kids that are sick so why not help them and improve my health as a by-product."

You can visit Simon's fundraising page here:

Just Giving


"For months now behind the scenes I have been planning for my 'Rams in Kenya' trip where I will be volunteering in May 2022. I will be going to the slums of Nakuru for two weeks, where I will be supporting 5 partner schools by teaching, building classrooms & facilities as well as playing lots of sport with the children. I am fundraising for my trip to help support these schools and some money will also go to Derby County Community Trust.

Please watch out in the coming months for multiple fundraising activities, such as a sponsored sleepout, a charity fundraising night, a raffle & much more. I would greatly appreciate everyone's support in helping me reach my target, so the children can get the education they deserve & also by helping people in our local community.

Thank you in advance."

You can visit Alesha's fundraising page here:

Just Giving



I'm running the Derby 10k for Treetops Hospice to help them care for people in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire. That's why I am hoping to raise at least £108. This could help a local person receive a night of hospice at home care. Every mile I run will help them to die in the comfort of their home with their family around them.

Please sponsor me as your donation can help me do this. With gift aid, every £5 will help to fund half an hour of care; or every £10 will help to fund one hour of care. Let's do something amazing and together help a local family have support and care when they need it most. Thank you!

You can visit Ben's fundraising page here:

Just Giving

Previous Charity Work

Magic Breakfast

We supported Magic Breakfast from 2013 – 2018, a fantastic UK charity who are dedicated to helping kids get a healthy and nutritious breakfast each day. Over the course of five years, we donated £211,710,50 in total to Magic Breakfast!



From 2018 – 2022 we supported SANE, which is a UK-based mental health charity that helps support those who need somebody to talk to and works continually to reduce the social stigma around mental health. We contributed £152,065.38 to SANE over the course of four years, to ensure they could keep offering the vital help and assistance that so many more people needed.

In-house efforts

Before SANE became our charity in August 2018, we proudly supported Magic Breakfast, a UK charity who helped provide breakfasts to school children. These free meals were really a lifeline for some kids. Find out why we stopped working with them here or read on to learn about some of the fundraising events we ran for them.


The Euros

There are a number of events which stand out as the ones that people still talk about. One of the most recent and most impressive of these was the “dress to impress” for the Euros. All teams were given a country and asked to display the traditions of that country for all to see. Teams then dressed their desks (and in some cases themselves) ready for the playoffs, where they would be pitted against another team.

Teams used their imagination and even went the extra mile to provide a full experience. We had sweet treats, tapas, beer tasting and tours around some of the landmarks of the Euros’ countries. You can see a section of the photos below.

Spanish Tapas

Ireland's Temple Bar

Czech Republic Castle

Christmas Cards

Another much talked about campaign was the one year’s charity Christmas card. Our fundraising team volunteered at one of the Magic Breakfast schools to see what fabulous work was being done with the money that was raised. During one of these morning sessions children were asked to design a Christmas card for us. This card would be sold internally as well as distributed to customers.

Santa - Charity Christmas Card

Our team arrived at the school with carrier bags filled to the brim with card, cotton wool, glitter glue and felt tips. The team set up a separate table in order to contain the creative genius that was to occur. The rule for the table was that you had to eat your breakfast first before you could come over and join in with the artwork.

Once at the Christmas card table the kids were asked to design a card for our customers which could be anything they wanted, so long as it looked Christmassy.  The difficulty with this task was ensuring that they didn’t get too excited for Christmas; after all they were designing them in autumn!

After each creative session our fundraising team spent around 30 minutes making sure we left the place as clean as when we got there. Over the three weeks that we spent at the school we quickly learned that tonnes of newspaper and Sellotape would be our saviour!

We had over 40 cards to choose from but after an internal vote we were able to narrow down the choices and to one final winner!

"The kids got really creative and had loads of fun. I loved seeing the kids enjoying themselves, but felt for the parents who had glittered clothes for a fortnight!” - Donna, Fundraiser at First Response

Sponsored shaves
Recently we one of our underwriters, Luke, offered up his own head of hair for a sponsored head shave. Our offices raised over £570 and the highest bidder even got a chance to do the shaving!

Each summer our Nottingham office hires award-winning BBQ company to visit the Leigh and Nottingham sites and host an in house BBQ. The BBQ was free but staff were asked to 'pay what it's worth'. The whole day raised over £450 which is a fantastic effort from the team!

An annual event which raised over £550. All prizes were donated by staff members and ranged from homemade pictures, designer handbags and cash prizes!

Bake sales
We love bake sales and for good reason. It provides some competition, we get to eat something sweet and we also help a charity in the process. A bake sale is an easy way for staff to raise money for charities that are close to them.

Charity bake off

Other charities

As we mentioned briefly, it’s not just SANE that we donate to. Our staff choose their own charities and raise money however they see fit either inside or outside of work. We will then match this for their charity. Any money that is sent to the other charity we’ll also make sure Magic Breakfast see it too.

That means if somebody raises £100 we will donate £100 to their charity to match. SANE will also receive £200. It’s a win-win.

Below are a number of the charities our staff have raised money for over the years and the money that’s been sent to the charity (including matching).

  • Cancer Research UK - £5,974
  • Macmillan - £5,708
  • Rainbow Trust - £1,932
  • Walk the Walk Worldwide - £1,918
  • Other charities - £18,594