First Response Finance at Car Dealer Expo

First Response exhibited at Car Dealer Expo in 2016 and 2017 as well as providing marketing talks and seminars for dealers. Each year our appearance at Car Dealer is to demonstrate that we go above and beyond as a finance company and why we believe we're different. 

Visitors receive a goody bag full of useful and fun items (why be the same?) and our marketing team are on hand to give advice on making the most out of your dealership online or offline. We also had a selection of our sales team to talk through how customer service is First Response's unique selling point.

Our Marketing Manager and Car Dealer Magazine contributor, Ben Garside, was on hand to talk through recent articles he published and also was the one to deliver a full seminar on the importance of social proof. Social proof is your online reputation, it’s an important aspect as customers look to find ‘proof’ online that your website and dealership is good and trustworthy. If you don’t have a good online reputation then you could be putting off potential customers. Ben talked through the important points to think about when checking, amending or improving your social proof. Read Ben’s article on family buyers here.

We wanted to ensure that visitors went away from Car Dealer Expo feeling as though they’ve learned something new about getting additional business. Every visitor to our stand went away with free informative guides and cheat sheets for different aspects of their business, whether it’s social proof, social media or using Google to its full potential.

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What is Car Dealer Expo?

The exhibition, previously held at Silverstone, is free for car dealers across the UK to attend. It's a place where they can meet other dealers, attend free seminars and talks and learn from the trade about how they can improve their business. Exhibitors usually include businesses that dealers are likely to deal with on a regular basis such as finance companies, car history companies, warranty services, lawyers and more. Each company exhibits their product or service and there's usually a lot of freebies or demonstrations happening - free sweets, coffee, massages or golf tournaments have been seen previously!

Should I attend?

This one is completely your choice. It's free so you won't necessarily have anything to lose (other than a day's work) but you may find that having informal chats to a couple of companies may help your business out in the long run. In 2017 it will be held at Manchester's Convention Centre in the city centre so if you've not been able to make it previously due to location then it may be worth having a look or registering your interest.

What will I get out of it?

This depends on how much you put in really. If you turn up and walk around but don't interact then you'll probably get the minimal there is. If, however, you have a chat to other likeminded folk, people within the industry, people at the seminars or even the exhibitors, you may find that inspiration takes hold of you. After all, we don't know what we don't know.

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