Best Companies to Work for 2017

UK’s Top 10 Company for the Second Year Running

Those who know of First Response will know that we’re not a company who shouts about our wins that often. We’re a company who is happy to strive to be the best we can be and then rather than sitting back and enjoying the moment we move onto the next challenge. This year we decided to make a splash and to do our best to shout about a huge win: the fact that we’re the UK’s 9th Best Company to Work For – the second time in the top 10.

Best Company staff at First Response

We’ve been a part of The Sunday Times Best Companies for 7 years now which is a massive achievement as we’ve also grown a lot within this time frame. We’re now a company with over 270 staff members (classed as ‘mid-sized’) across three different locations. Keeping our company values and culture is a huge undertaking but one that Best Companies shows we’re quite good at.

Why Best Companies?

A lot of people enter Best Companies to shout about themselves but this isn’t the reason that we enter it. Our CEO, Don Brough, is wholeheartedly behind the idea of using Best Companies as a benchmark for year on year improvement and as a measure of staff happiness rather than as a sales tool.

Of course being a Best Company has its bonuses such as attracting a higher calibre of candidates for job roles and keeping staff moral high.

The sales team at First Response

How are we 9th?

There’s a lot of things that we could write about in terms of staff benefits but we thought we’d ask a couple of people across the business to see why they think we’re the 9th Best Company in the UK.

“I feel like we’re listened to by the company and that the open and honest policy means you can talk about things you probably wouldn't feel comfortable discussing in other companies” – Karla, Marketing
“We have a great team of people here and there are plenty of opportunities to progress and develop” – Jade, Underwriting
“The First Response community is like one big family”- Charlotte, Underwriting
“We aren’t treated like a number, I have a name and I know I make a difference.” – Zara, Learning and Support
“I love how everyone’s opinion matters, you are not just made to feel important, you actually are.” – Pete, Sales
“I think we’re a Best Company because we invest heavily in staff and their wellbeing” – Dan, Customer Experience
“I like that there is fresh fruit delivered every week.” – Charlotte, Accounts
“I think we’re a Best Company as we have great training and support.” – Kim, Sales

The offices at First Response

Staff benefits

The staff have touched on some of the things they enjoy about the company but there are a lot of benefits which we could talk about. All staff members get a share of a bonus pot each year but there’s no pressure or sales tactics involved as there’s no targets at First Response, we simply focus on acting in the best interests for the company.

All staff members are given training time twice a week which means our offices are closed between 9-10.30 on Wednesdays and Fridays so that we can continue giving great customer service. Fresh fruit is delivered each week, free massages are offered for those who want one, free Easter eggs, winter care kits each year and everybody gets cake when you hit a 10 year anniversary at the company.

Whatever we’re doing, we’re doing it right. Best Companies allows us to keep an eye on things and make sure we continue keeping our staff happy from year to year. If we don’t then we’ll have a chat with the staff and find out what needs changing and make the amendments. Feedback is a huge part of the culture at First Response and it helps us improve and be the best we can be.

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