Avoiding Road Rage During Rush Hour

Ways to Enjoy a More Relaxing Daily Commute

Avoid getting stressed in traffic

The daily commute is rarely the most relaxing part of anyone’s weekday. Sat on a cramped tube, stuck in an overheated bus or sitting in a gridlock are nobody’s idea of fun.

Unless you live within walking or cycling distance to work (or own a helicopter) these type of problems are hard to avoid.

Research has shown that those who drive to work are generally less relaxed than those who travel via public transport, which is why we’ve come up with a few ideas to make it a lot more relaxing.

Create a Calm Atmosphere

Create a calm atmosphere

Natural sachets or air fresheners could keep your mind off the guy who’s driving like he’s only got 2 minutes to get to work, the woman who’s driving 20mph in a 40 or the children that have decided to cycle in the middle of the road.  

Certain scents, such as lavender and coconut, are believed to create calmness. First Response have a variety of fresh scents which could help reduce your road rage or anxiety - to grab a free one simple drop us an email.

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One thing to definitely avoid is caffeine. Whether that’s the smell or taste, caffeine has been shown to increase anxiety when under pressure, so avoid it first thing if you can.

Increase Your Comfort

Increase your comfort levels

Discomfort will result in increased stress levels when driving anywhere. Try adding a cushion for back or rear support or using a seatbelt strap to stop it digging into your neck.

Ensure your seat is also in a comfortable position.

A clean car should help to reduce road rage as it’s an empty space that’s been decluttered.

Make a Playlist

Make a playlist

If you’re somebody that gets frustrated by radio stations or adverts, then creating your own playlist could help reduce your road rage.

Rock and fast music have been shown to be more likely to cause road rage incidents, with pop and classical music more likely to reduce anxiety.

If you’re not a playlist person then consider buying CDs or albums through Bluetooth to avoid switching or flicking through radio channels.  


Meditate at the wheel

First thing to mention: we don’t mean meditation in the sense of shutting your eyes and taking your hands off the wheel!

If you’re stuck in a traffic jam and can feel road rage creeping up, then there are exercises you can do to keep you calm.

Audio exercises that focus on your breathing are a good option. They won’t distract you from the road but are likely to increase your calm state when driving to work.

Car Share

Car share with friends

Find someone that you get on with who lives en route or nearby and pick them up or lift share. It’s amazing how less agitated you get when you have someone to chat with, making the journey feel a lot quicker.

One main point is to try and avoid talking about work, as this can quickly break the relaxing atmosphere, especially when discussing problems and annoyances.

Of course this won’t work for everyone and you may find that having somebody with you actually increases your road rage! Find the right solution for you whether that’s your own company or a friend.

Drive Efficiently

Drive more efficiently

A lot of road rage comes down to how we perceive other drivers. If you see somebody driving fast, too slow or irresponsibly you need to sit back and let them, it’s not worth getting annoyed about. Don't let their actions affect your day. Remember, road rage comes from you reacting to something you have no control over. Take control.

Finally, make sure you set off in good time to avoid getting worried about being late and reduce that road rage a little more.

Remember, claim your free First Response air freshener (which could help reduce your road rage). Send us an email and we’ll get one out to you ASAP.

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