37th Best Company to Work For

The Sunday Times award us 3 Stars 

In 2017 we became the 9th Best Mid-Sized Company

First Response Finance have for the sixth year running been awarded the highest 3 Star Accreditation for The Sunday Times Best Companies 2017, described as an ‘Extraordinary’ Company to work for. View our full results.

In 2016 we reached 7th placed and in 2015 it was 92nd. In 2015 our CEO implemented internal feedback sessions in order to drive more honesty across the business. These sessions, ran by the CEO, asked employees what was wrong with the business and how we could improve, this then drove our best ever result!

In 2014 we achieved 37th place

Since starting Best Companies we've come a long way. Being rated in the UK's Best Companies is testimony of how our company culture of improving and developing our people is truly ‘extraordinary’, this in turn reflects in the service we offer to all our customers.

The Star Accreditation system works by The Sunday Times working alongside your company and sending out an in-depth questionnaire to all employees promoting honesty from staff, taking this information into account you are then graded to either achieving no stars up to the highest being 3 stars and described as an ‘Extraordinary’ company to work for.

Apprentices working at First Response

As a company we are extremely happy that this is our third year running as a 3 star Best Company making progress on 2013's position of 38th. By entering into this prestigious award allows us as a company to gather some great feedback from our staff on the things we are doing right, but also the things we can improve on which based on last 2013’s position of 38th and the information provided this year we can see great improvement.

Another reason for entering this award is to be able to benchmark ourselves against other companies throughout the whole of the UK to see where we are positioned as an employer, to see where our greatest strengths are but also where we fall short compared to other small companies to which being placed 37th is a huge delight to us. In 2014 we employed over 200 staff so classed as a "small company", in 2017 we grew to almost 300 staff which meant we moved up to "mid company".

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