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First Response Finance RSS November 2017

Using technology to save money

Technology apps and bots

We look into the world of technology, bots and apps to look at how these can help you save money. If you're no good at having spare cash at the end of the month or need a different way to stop you spending then this is the blog for you. [Read More]

First Response Finance RSS October 2017

Do companies want feedback or is it negative?

Does your organisation want your feedback?

Why do companies spend time finding out what employees think, do they really care? Is all feedback important or is some just negative? We've shared some thoughts about the subject as well as showing how we value feedback. [Read More]

Knowing yourself at work

How knowing yourself can help at work

Can understanding yourself really help with your work relationships? We believe it can and it's a great starting point for some self-reflection. [Read More]

First Response Finance RSS September 2017The importance of goals at work

Why you should have personal goals at work

We look at how goals can benefit you long term at work, whether they're personal or work-focused. Find out why it's important and how to get started. [Read More]

Making your ideas heard

Making the Best Ideas Heard

We look at the age old debate of extrovertism and introvertism and how you need to balance these within a business to ensure you're moving the business forward and making the best ideas heard. [Read More]

First Response Finance RSS August 2017The importance of the office tea round

The importance of the office tea round

The office tea round is something which can strike fear into any new starter, what if you do it wrong? What are the rules? Are there any rules? One of our HR Advisors gives her view on what exactly your role in th tea run says about you. [Read More]

First Response Finance RSS July 2017A new job survival guide

A New Job Survival Guide

We delve into the unwritten rules of a new office job, from navigating the tea round to simple office politics. A must read if you're looking to make it through the first few weeks of any job! [Read More]

How to be the pefect employee

Understanding Degree Apprenticeships

Parents - what do you know about degree apprenticeships? If you're child is looking into one and you have no idea what it is then you need to read this blog. [Read More]

How to be the pefect employee

Sharing Your Personal Life at Work

Sharing your personal life in work should be encouraged, find out why and how you could be doing it. [Read More]

How to be the pefect employee

Becoming the Perfect Employee

We look at the four traits that make you a perfect employee, whether these are correct and how you can work towards becoming "perfect". [Read More]

First Response Finance RSSJune 2017Calming your nerves in an interview

Developing our Leaders

We spend time to invest and train our future leaders. We have various ways of doing this from leadership opportunities to a full internal academy. [Read More]

First Response Finance RSSMay 2017Calming your nerves in an interview

Finding time for a job interview

The best ways to find time to go for a job interview when you work full time. We've listed some of the common excuses along with some alternative methods! [Read More]

Calming your nerves in an interview

How to control nerves in an interview

We round up the top tips and advice for keeping calm and controlling your nerves in a job interview. From what to wear, exercising tips and more! [Read More]

Celebrating tenure at First Response

How we encourage staff to stay for a long tenure

We will always look to encourage staff staying as long as they can, whether it's by helping them with ups and downs, life's little niggles or progressing in their career, we're try to listen and help out. These things help our employees feel wanted and happy within their roles. [Read More]

First Response Finance RSSApril 2017
What questions should I ask in an interview

What questions should I ask in an interview?

We asked our recruitment team to share some tips on whether you should be asking question in an interview, and if so, what type of things should you be looking to find out? [Read More]

Internal feedback sessions with the CEO

What Should I wear to an Interview?

We have a look at the age old question of what you should wear to an interview. We've detailed the top three tips and things to consider when getting ready for the big day. [Read More]

First Response Finance RSS March 2017
Internal feedback sessions with the CEO

How are staff able to feedback to the CEO?

We hold regular meetings across the business and across all three sites in order to give staff the chance to speak their mind to the CEO. This means we can act on any issues that the business faces or anything which needs addressing or changing. [Read More]

Best Companies 2017

Best Companies 2017

We achieved the 9th Best Company in the UK (mid-size) which is the second year we've been in the top 10. Read how we work, how we look after our staff and what our staff love about working here. We discuss benefits, opportunities and... [Read More]

how early should you arrive for an interview

We answer common interview questions

Our recruitment team often see the same queries from candidates or people coming for interviews so they've decided to share some of their knowledge. This week they're looking for at the perfect timing for interviews: how early should you arrive? [Read More]

Social events & team building

Team Building and Social Events

We put a lot of time into our staff by ensuring their well being is a priority, one way we do this is by encouraging team building and social events outside of work with a quarterly budget for each staff member. Read why this is important and how teams have spent their budgets... [Read More]

First Response Finance RSS February 2017
The cost of electric cars

The True Cost of Electric Cars

We look into the true costs of an electric car taking into consideration all government grants and help that's available. We use the average costs to calculate if it's worth splashing out on an electric car or to stick with the traditional for the time being. [Read More]

Looking after a used car

Internal Development at First Response

We talk through the different development opportunities that we offer to our staff and how we can help you progress. There are several different options when it comes to personal and internal development designed to challenge you personally and professionally. [Read More]

Looking after a used car

Looking after a used car

We spoke with our Customer Experience team to find the best advice and tips when it comes to owning and looking after a used car. They've detailed some of the most common issues and what you should expect as standard 'wear and tear' with your new vehicle. [Read More]

First Response Finance RSS January 2017

What does HPI check mean

What is a HPI Check

It's a status you'll read on a number of dealer's websites and even on car comparison sites but do you understand what it means? We've simplified the terms 'HPI check' and 'HPI clear' so you can find out if it's something you need to be worried about. [Read More]

Taking time to reflect

Taking part in some seasonal reflection

It's always good to reflect on how the year's gone and whether we should be helping friends, family or charities a little bit more. We reflect on the work we do internally and for charity. [Read More]

First Response Finance RSS December 2016

What makes a good company to work for

What Makes a Good Company?

What makes a good company to work for? As the 7th Best Company to Work For in the UK we decided to do some investigating into three main reasons that people enjoy working for a company. Have a read and find out what you should look for from an employer. [Read More]

The Rise of Dash Cams in the UK

The Rise of Dash Cams in the UK

More and more people are using dashboard cameras in order to monitor their driving and the driving of others around them. We didn't know much about them so spent some time investigating exactly why they've become popular and why you might consider buying one. [Read More]

First Response Finance RSS November 2016
Helping students thrive

Helping Business Students at Derby College

Last year we partnered with Derby College to give a little bit of extra help to their A Level Business students by giving them real life examples of the work that they have learning in their classes. You can read more about the results and how we helped the students in the blog. [Read More]

The science behind sat navs

The Science Behind Sat Navs

Sometimes we can blindly follow technology without ever stopping to think about how they actually work. We were curious about the magic of Sat Navs so did some investigating about how they get us from A to B. [Read More]

Starting with why at First Response

Starting with 'why?'

Inspired by a TED Talk we decided to challenge ourselves and ask our staff 'why we do what we do'. We asked our staff and filmed their first response to the question - have a look at what they said. [Read More]

First Response Finance RSS October 2016

Winning attitude at First Response

Winning Attitude at First Response

It may seem like a strange thing to encourage but we actively encourage our staff to fail. We believe failing and learning from your mistakes creates a winning attitude that helps the business thrive. [Read More]

How to avoid aggressive driving

UK Driver Personas by Car Makes

BMW drivers are aggressive right? Nissan drivers are happy tootling along? We've conducted some research into the most popular driving styles and their associated vehicle to find out if these stereotypes are right. [Read More]

What Your Car Colour Says About You

What your car colour says about you

As part of our Driver Personas month we investigate the differences between car colours and what they usually mean about the driver. We look at the most popular colours to drive and those which are no longer that common. [Read More]

How to avoid aggressive driving

How to Avoid Aggressive Driving

As part of our Driver Personas month we're looking into one of the most common driving persons on the road: the aggressive driver. Unfortunately, they're everywhere and sometimes unavoidable. Read how to avoid them and how to prevent yourself from becoming an aggressive driver. [Read More]

The Driverless Revolution

The Driverless Revolution is Happening

With driverless taxis being tested in Singapore and Google pumping more money into their research into driverless cars, we examine if it really is the future. What's next? Will it succeed? Read the blog to learn more. [Read More]
Benefits of working at First Response

[Careers] Benefits of working at First Response Finance

Read about how, as a company, we ensure all employees are getting a fair deal with their benefits, bonuses and little extras that make working for us an overall great package. [Read More]

First Response Finance RSS September 2016

Manual versus automatic cars

Manual vs Automatic Vehicles

The way you drive, where you drive and how far you drive are key factors to consider when deciding between a manual or automatic vehicle. These transmission types will either help or hinder your driving style so it's important to consider the options. [Read More]

Ways to have a relaxing commute

Ways to have a relaxing commute

It's been proven that driving in congestion or peak times can be frustrating and far from relaxing. With schools going back this week we thought we'd spread some of our best tips and ways for keeping your cool during your commute to and from work. [Read More]

Understand your car battery

#UnderTheBonnet: Knowing Your Car Battery

We all have one but how much attention do you actually pay to the health of your car's battery? It's a crucial part of your vehicle so ensure you read this blog so you know how to maintain, replace or even refill your car battery when needed. [Read More]

August 2016

#UnderTheBonnet: Fuel Contamination Risks

Fuel contamination is a risk for any driver and can happen when you least expect it. Read the most common ways of experiencing fuel contamination along with some hints and tips for reducing or avoiding the risk altogether. [Read More]

Understanding our Recruitment

If you're looking to get a job role at First Response Finance, or are just curious about our recruitment process then you can read this handy blog. Here you'll find information on exactly what to expect from an Open Evening, Assessment Day or Technical Assessment. [Read More]

#UnderTheBonnet: 30% of UK Drivers Lack Knowledge to Pass Driving Test

We recently ran a survey of 1,000 UK drivers to find out exactly what their knowledge is about different parts under the bonnet. How many knew how to check the oil? How to check the coolant or check the brake fluid? [Read More]

Car Dealer Power Awards 2016

We attended the much anticipated award ceremony at Spinnaker Tower to find out whether we had won our nominated award of Finance Provider of the Year. Read the blog to find out if we did! [Read More]

July 2016

#UnderTheBonnet: Keep the cost of driving down

If you've just purchased your first car you may be surprised at how much it could cost on a monthly basis but, not to worry, we've found the top 20 tips to keeping the costs of a used car down. [Read More]

UnderTheBonnet: Formula 1 British Grand Prix

Rules in Formula One are now more complex than they ever have been before. As the dust settles on the British Grand Prix and the confetti is cleared away after Lewis Hamilton’s victory, we thought we’d take a look at the latest rules and take a closer look under the bonnet... [Read More]

#UnderTheBonnet: How to check a used car before buying

If you’re buying a used or “pre-loved” car, you need to make sure it’s in good condition. One way you can do this is by checking the vehicle thoroughly before you buy it. By simply asking the right questions you can ensure you buy a car that’s perfect for your needs. Here at First Response Finance we’ve outlined what you need to look out for. [Read More] 

June 2016

Charity Challenge: Euros Dress Your Desk

This month our fundraising team launched a new challenge: dress your desks for a Euro team. All teams were given the option to get involved in our internal 'fixtures' that were based on showcasing their chosen country's culture and history - find out what they got up to on the blog. Featuring Prague Castle and Temple Bar. [Read More]

*DEALER INFO* Changes that could help your dealership

#FRFDealer | We've made a few changes that we believe will improve the quality of service that we offer and reduce waiting times. The changes have been made due to dealer feedback and reviews of current trials and business systems. [Read More]

May 2016

CDX16 - First Response at Car Dealer Expo

#FRFDealer | We'll be visiting this year's Car Dealer Expo at Silverstone in order to help those looking for a non-prime finance company. Read the blog to find out where we'll be, what we're doing and what you need to know. [Read More]

*DEALER INFO* New Portal Updates

#FRFDealer | New amendments to the Dealer Portal went live on 18th May 2016, have you noticed? Read the blog to find out what's changed, what else you can now do and to provide some much appreciated feedback on ideas or our general service. You can also gain access to the Dealer PDF which gives you full instructions on how to use our portal[Read More]

April 2016

Finance for Dogs

99% of customers found it difficult to get their canine friends vehicle finance due to discrimination for damage and doggy behaviour. We didn't think this was fair so today we've launched a new product: car finance for dogs. Read more about the criteria here [Read More]

March 2016

Creating a Home from Home

On a regular basis you’ll find our CEO and HR Manager giving every member of staff the opportunity to drop in and give their opinions on the business and how it could be improved. One item that was mentioned by a few members of staff was that there weren’t enough spaces to relax. [Read More]

February 2016

Best Companies 2016

We are thrilled to announce that we have been voted 7th in the Best Companies “Best 100 Mid-Sized Companies” for 2016. This achievement is all thanks to our staff that work across the three offices at First Response Finance Ltd. in Nottingham, Leigh and Glasgow. Staff members answered a survey about different areas...[Read More]

January 2016

Rail Travel vs Car Finance

At the start of this year the rail networks made their annual price increases taking the overall price increase to 25% in 5 years. We found the statistics to be interesting and thought we'd do some investigation to see how the prices compared with driving....[Read More]

December 2015

Christmas & New Year Opening Hours

Make sure you're aware of our amended opening hours this Christmas and New Year. These opening hours will affect all customers and dealers who are looking to contact all three offices including Renewals, New Business and Account Management. Please be aware that our Customer Experience team has the same opening hours as New Business....[Read More]

Christmas Cards by Magic Breakfast Children

This year we wanted to ensure that our customers and the dealers we work with received something extra special this Christmas. We asked for some help from the Snapewood Primary School and their Magic Breakfast club in order to help us design our company Christmas card this year. We think the results speak for themselves but take a look for yourself....[Read More]

November 2015

New Customer Contracts [dealer information]

As of the 4th November 2015 the contracts you will receive in order to complete our tri-party agreement will have changed. We have changed these contracts to ensure that we are meeting the FCA’s guideline of ‘being fair, clear and not misleading’ to the best of our ability. Although the changes we have made are minimal we will no longer be accepting the old style of agreements....[Read More]

APR-Led Finance [dealer information]

As of the 4th November 2015 you may notice a change in the way that we quote customers as we will no longer be using flat rates, instead, we will be using APRs.

If you’re a customer looking to get any form of finance such as mortgage, credit card or bank loan you will be given an APR so you can compare like-for-like quotes. This is in most areas of finance but is not widely used in vehicle finance as flat rates are still in use...[Read More]

October 2015

The Best Car Finance Providers

First Response Finance are the best car finance provider, as rated by our customers on Review Centre for the category 'Car Loan'. Review Centre is the perfect place to check out reviews on car finance providers before applying to ensure that the company has your best interests at heart.

We’ve been number one on the site since March 2015 and we believe it’s down to a few simple reasons..[Read More]

September 2015

Reusing Old Vehicles

The new 65 car registration plate was released this month, an event that many have used as an excuse to  scrap or part exchange their old car for a new one. Sometimes the value of a part exchange or scrap value can come as a shock as it’s lower than you were expecting.

Our social media buffs at First Response love finding new and interesting trends on the internet and recently stumbled across ways to upcycle or reuse parts...[Read More]

August 2015

UK Driving Statistics

Who’s better at driving, men or women? No doubt this question has caused a few arguments and heated debates in the past as men claim their parking’s top notch and women claim to be more careful on the road. So, who is actually better?  Well, statistically....

Find out random UK driving facts, who are the best drivers and what area is best to take your test...[Read More]

July 2015

Why we only work with selected dealers

When you’re looking for a new vehicle you can easily find yourself overwhelmed with the amount of choice in terms of dealerships or private sellers. At First Response Finance we understand that it can be mind boggling and sometimes you just want someone to do the hard work for you. Well, the good news is that we have.

You may not know, but in order to sell finance products a company must be registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), otherwise they’re trading illegally. The FCA took over from the Office of Fair Trading...[Read More]

UK insurance myths

Unfortunately there are several things you should consider when looking for a new vehicle as they could increase (or hopefully, decrease) your insurance premium. Not all cars are equal in the eyes of an insurer and neither are job titles, your employment type or even your accommodation type...  

Do you have any other myths or facts that you’ve found when applying for vehicle insurance? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter! [Read More]

June 2015

Improve your credit rating

This can be tricky but knowing which factors can affect you will help when it comes to making decisions about finance.

Finance companies, whether they are loan companies, mobile phone shops or those that offer store cards, will look at certain factors to determine whether you are a good person to lend to. Credit ratings are a simple way of showing how much risk you are as a customer...[Read More]

The UK's most reliable cars

Each year Reliability Index gather data from over 50,000 UK drivers to find out what exactly is the most reliable car. This year is no different and the results could surprise you. Reliability Index researched several factors such as cost of repairs, common failures, and longevity of the vehicles.

Whether you're researching for a new vehicle or just intrigued to know whether your car comes out on top, this blog is for you...[Read More]

Magic Breakfast

At First Response Finance we believe in helping others as much as matter how much we help people we also feel as though there’s something extra we can do, which is where our fundraising team and Magic Breakfast come in...[Read More]

May 2015

Could you be a #tubedodger?

London is great city to live, work and play in but it can also be stressful to get from A to B, especially in rush hour.  In 2013 The Independent reported a rise in commuters using motorcycles in order to get ahead of the traffic and avoid public transport in London. The trend for motorcycles could be for a number of reasons including 2003’s Congestion Charge....[Read More]

Advice for Carcraft customers

Yesterday Carcraft announced that they have been taken into receivership, which means that they will no longer be trading. Carcraft dealerships have now closed and newspaper reports state that they are no longer honouring current or past agreements. [Read More]

February 2015

500 reviews on Review Centre received

We’re pleased to announce that, in addition to being the number 1 Car Loan Company on Review Centre, we've hit the 500 review mark!

Our company philosophy (People, Service, Profit) rings true throughout all three of our UK offices and our staff (people) truly believe that our customers deserve the best treatment (service) in order to provide the best product possible...[Read More]

New Dealer Portal launched

As a company who is constantly striving to improve our products, communication and customer satisfaction, we find that feedback is a great tool to use.

We gathered feedback from our dealers to understand exactly what else they would like...The portal was delivered early this month and has seen changes to its access with a new login on the homepage which...[Read More]

January 2015

The Number 1 Car Loan Company on Review Centre

January was an extremely exciting time for First Response as we became the Number 1 Car Loan Company on Review Centre, overtaking the competition. At the time of reaching the top spot First Response had over 450 unique reviews from genuine customers and a fantastic 4.7/5 rating.

The number 1 spot is decided based on several factors...[Read More]

August 2014

New Improved Phone System for First Response!

As part of improving our service to our customers and motor dealers one of our internal project groups found that the old phone system could be vastly improved, taking this on board they progressed the project from streamlining the auto-attendant system through to this new system implementation.

To celebrate the new system we ordered 100's of scrumptious cupcakes to our offices decorated in co-branding of all the companies named below that assisted in making it such a success...[Read More]

April 2014

First Response Finance Launch New Customer Focused Website

In the past we have always had comments from motor dealers, finance customers and employees on the look and feel of the old website around its design; it was small, clunky and old fashioned!

Despite the look and charm of the old design and underneath all the dull colours the functionality still worked brilliantly, allowing dealers to...[Read More]

March 2014

We specialise in financing customers with a poor credit history

At First Response we have been specialising in providing bad credit car finance since 1998 and have financed over 100,000 customers with poor credit files.

We have a fantastic bad credit finance calculator that you can access which enables you to input your credit rating, the loan amount and the length of the term, this gives you an instant estimated monthly repayment...[Read More]

February 2014

First Response Finance have been awarded a 3 Star Accreditation

First Response Finance have for the third year running been awarded the highest 3 Star Accreditation for The Sunday Times Best Companies 2014, described as an ‘Extraordinary’ Company to work for.

The Star Accreditation system works by The Sunday Times working alongside your company and sending out an in-depth questionnaire to all employees promoting honesty from staff...[Read More]

January 2014

First Response Finance Voted the Number 1 for Car Finance

For the second year running we have been voted the best car finance company in the non-prime market which in itself is a fantastic achievement. We're very proud to receive this prestigious award as it's voted for by over 2500 motor dealers throughout the UK. We would like to thank all of the motor dealers...[Read More]