Our Philosophy

Most businesses focus on chasing profits but we see this as old fashioned and flawed. Instead, First Response Finance sees profit as a natural outcome of building an outstanding business filled with highly skilled people.

Our philosophy, 'People, Service, Profit', is at the core of everything we do.  We are a people centric business and we believe that the more we invest in our people; the quality and efficiency of our products; and the service that we provide to our customers, the more successful we will be. 


The First Response Vision

We believe everything starts with our own people. Our recruitment process is amongst the most comprehensive in the industry to ensure we are selecting people with values similar to our own. We invest heavily in training and have constant ongoing development so that our employees are skilled and well-equipped to service our customers in the best way they can.

We do a lot to treat our employees well as we believe the happier they are at work the better they will serve our customers. At First Response Finance we do not burden our staff with targets. This is a unique way of thinking for the financial services industry but we believe that targets get in the way of giving the best possible service to the customer.


We believe in providing a good service

From our experience of dealing with other companies we believe that overall service within the UK is poor, and we understand why. The running and coordinating of a sizeable business is complex, and has its challenges, however, this is not an excuse for letting customers suffer.

At First Response Finance we have a different approach to our business as we use a systems thinking methodology. This methodology means everyone within the business is engaged with the decisions and improvements that we make, every view counts. Our approach is designed to make our service and customer experience the best in financial services.


Profit is due to looking after our people

Unlike the majority of companies, we do not focus on profits. We see profit as an outcome of providing excellent products and services as, if we do these things well, profit will take care of itself.

As a business we reinvest our profits back into the business - in our people and our processes. Our training programmes, development schemes, product and process developments, and system upgrades are constantly being refined to ensure smooth and efficient operational success.  Reinvesting profits completes the cycle of our philosophy and compliments our continual learning and improvement culture.

Our aim is to be the best finance company in the eyes of our customers and we aim to achieve this by focusing on continual improvement and combining efficiency and a personal touch to our customer service. When we say we want to be the best, we mean it. We know that being the best is not a destination; it is a never-ending journey of continual improvement.

In order invest time in a range of continual improvement projects we close all three of our UK offices to the public twice a week (Wednesday and Fridays) from 9.00am until 10.30am. These improvement projects range from group learning and training sessions to private individual study. These projects ensure that our staff are constantly upgrading their personal and professional skills.

More about us


At First Response we have a set of core values which underpin and influence how the business is run.


Our employees have created a number of principles to help guide new colleagues in the right direction.


We have different activities and projects in place to help local communities and the environment.


We have been featured in The Times and Best Companies' Top 100 Small Companies to Work For for the last five years running.


We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and are also members of a number of trade associations. Read more about them below.


Find out about our finance products such as Hire Purchase (car, motorbike and van finance) and our Personal Loans.