Why we're different

Our values influence all of our decisions and are used throughout our business, from our recruitment processes to our customer service policies. These values were developed by our people, for our people, to ensure that we hire the right people who share our passion for delivering the best service possible.

Open and honest

A heart on an open book

“Being open and honest with our business partners is essential if we are to understand each other and work together effectively. Creating a trusting working environment gives us solid foundations from which we can help each other achieve our objectives.”

At First Response Finance we aim to develop a high trusting office environment which encourages our people to grow professionally and personally.  Trust is created by ensuring that successes, however small, are observed, recognised and applauded in a positive manner.  We ask all employees to engage in a feedback culture which allows specific activities or services to be recognised and applauded on the spot.

The role of the First Response Finance management is to build and develop confidence in each individual. We want our people to be comfortable and confident with their manager, their team and their environment so that they are able to question themselves, processes and the status quo.  We hire people who can reflect positively on their own performance and contribution and actively seek feedback on how to be the best they can be.

Customer Driven

Two index fingers reaching out to touch

“Putting the customer first at the centre of everything we do.” 

All of our services and products are designed and personalised for our dealers and customers, as they are the people who ensure the ongoing success of our business.

We believe First Response Finance is different from other finance companies due to the customer experience that we deliver.  Our customer experience is built on consistent and supportive relationships in order to ensure the customers’ best interests are always at the forefront of our mind. We strive to only ever deliver a service (to both our dealers and our end customer) that we would wish to receive ourselves. 

Winning Attitude

Two fists pumping the air

“Someone who strives to achieve the best they can regardless of the barriers and conflicts that are in their way.”

A winning attitude is one that understands being good at what you do is a continual journey of making mistakes, learning from them and improving. It is about taking risks and pushing personal boundaries and mental barriers.

At First Response Finance we provide an extremely positive and trust-based environment where mistakes and setbacks are celebrated as learning opportunities and not condemned. This is consistent with our “open and honest” value and is a necessity for our learning culture.


Team Player

A team all touching the grass

“Someone who shares information, works well with their team, cares about other team members' accomplishments as well as their own and is approachable.”

During our recruitment process we ensure that all employees have an innate desire to work effectively as a team in order to develop their understandings and knowledge. The environment at First Response Finance is one where people understand that everyone has strengths and weaknesses and the best results arise from working in harmony.

We know that there is no 'I' in team, and there’s no ego either.