Corporate & Social Responsibility

We are a responsible lender and we also like to act responsibly within our local community and to the environment.  We achieve corporate and social responsibility in a variety of different activities and projects.


Paperless We have been a 90% paperless office environment for over 10 years and continue to find ways to reduce it further.  

Recycling - At First Response Finance we have a recycling scheme in place to reduce our carbon footprint. We use Shred-It for secure paper shredding and document destruction services and we use Biffa for waste management and additional recycling. 

Shred It  Biffa

Solar Energy - We have installed solar panels on two of our offices in order to keep electricity usage down and contribute to helping the environment. This is the first of many ‘green initiatives’ we will be undertaking over the coming years.


First Response Finance has always tried to support local charities as we know the money raised will make a real difference. We are currently supporting the charity SANE, a UK mental health charity who are combating stigma, providing support and funding research. We are not far away from raising over £100,000 -stay tuned on our social media to find out how we'll be celebrating when we do!

During a particular charity fund raiser each staff member at First Response Finance had the opportunity to have breakfast in the office - a selection of juices, cereals, bread and pastries - for a small donation. The office also provides fizzy drinks for staff members to purchase at a small donation price which goes directly to charity. All of these donations go to SANE. Our team have also completed huge charity events, such as climbing the National 3 Peaks all in aid of SANE!

SANE's Website

Before SANE became our chosen charity in August 2018 we supported Magic Breakfast for 5 years, a fantastic UK charity who are dedicated to helping kids get a healthy and nutritious breakfast each day.

Magic Breakfast - Breakfast Club

Magic Breakfast

Gender Pay

We've created a full PDF document showing a breakdown of gender pay across the business over recent years.

Annual Report for 2019-2020 - Click to download

Annual Report for 2020-2021 - Click to download

Slavery & Human Trafficking

Read the full statement about how we're aware of the issues and risk associated with our business.