Our Complaints Procedure

How to Complain

At First Response Finance we aim to offer you the highest standards of service, but there may be occasions when you feel dissatisfied. If so, we will always try to resolve the problem quickly and where possible, to your satisfaction.  If you have purchased a vehicle from a motor dealer with one of our Hire Purchase agreements and are having an issue with the vehicle, we would always advise that you speak directly to the dealer in the first instance as they will usually address these very quickly.  However, if after contacting the dealership you feel that matters remain unresolved; please contact us and we will look into the matter for you.

The steps we will take to handle your complaint

If you are dissatisfied with any part of our service, it’s important you let us know as soon as possible. By understanding your problem we can make sure that we are giving you the best service and ensure we are meeting our expected standards. We are members of the Finance and Leasing Association (FLA) and our procedures have been designed to meet the requirements of their lending code as well as the Financial Conduct Authority`s (FCA) complaint handling rules.

What you need to do:

A complaint can be made in any way you wish - letter, telephone or email. Your complaint will be handled by a member of our Customer Experience team and if contacting us by telephone (0115 946 6368), please have your account or application details available. We may ask that you outline your issue in writing to help us to fully understand your concerns.

If we cannot resolve your complaint straight away we will: Acknowledge your complaint and fully investigate the issues you have raised, aiming to resolve them as quickly as we can by speaking or writing to you.

Successful resolution of complaints is important to us, so we will strive to deliver a fair decision, keeping you fully informed and providing the name of the person handling your complaint.  When we have come to a decision we will either send you our summary response letter setting out what we have found and agreed with you, or a final response stating whether we have upheld your complaint or not. We aim to do this as quickly as possible.

If you do not agree with our summary or final response, or if we are taking longer than 8 weeks to resolve your complaint you can refer your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) within 6 months of receiving our letter enclosing a leaflet that explains this service.  The Financial Ombudsman Service is both independent and impartial.

Financial Ombudsman Leaflet 

Contact information

If you have any queries about this leaflet or our complaints procedure, please contact our Customer Experience Team

First Response Finance Ltd
Chetwynd Business Park
5 Regan Way, Chilwell
0115 946 6368
Email us

Other sources of information

Financial Ombudsman Service
Exchange Tower
London, E14 9SR
0800 023 4567

Financial Ombudsman Website

Finance & Leasing Association Lending Code

FLA Website

European Commission Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) (for online sales of goods and services)

ODR Website

Complaints Information

First Response Finance is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. We are happy to share information about the complaints we receive and how we handle them with our customers as well as our regulator.

Since January 14th 2005 the FSA (now the FCA) has created a series of rules about how companies like us can sell products. We take any complaint from our customers very seriously and all complaints are looked at individually and investigated thoroughly.

FCA Conduct of Business

FCA Dispute Resolution

Here is information about our complaints:

Using a Claims Management Company

First Response Finance is happy to accept complaints made on your behalf by a Claims Management Company but, before a customer employs one, we would suggest that you carefully consider the following:

Has the company told you how much they are likely to charge you?

Your complaint will be considered in exactly the same way regardless of whether you contact us directly yourself or through a company.

The FCA has very clear rules on how PPI should be sold and how we should investigate any complaints. You do not need any specialist knowledge to complain.

The Financial Ombudsman Service is an independent arbiter that is free for consumers to use if they are unhappy with how we look at their complaints.

How we calculate and refund redress to customers is in accordance with the Ombudsman’s guidelines so if we find that we did something wrong then customers who complain directly will receive a 100% refund with no fees to pay to the Claims management Company.


Non Insurance Complaints

Most of our non-insurance complaints relate to issues with the Satisfactory Quality of the vehicles our customers have purchased. We understand that being without a car can be very stressful and we always offer flexible solutions to get our customers back on the road as quickly as possible.

The FCA has a useful resource for anyone involved in a complaint about the quality of goods and we recommend customers who are experiencing issues with their car to read it.

Treating Customers Fairly